Friday, 16 February 2018

Romance Between the Pages' Weekly Podcast Interview - Feb 16, 2018

Ever wondered about the personalities behind your favorite books? Victoria Danann's new podcast with Riley J. Ford has an incredible lineup of authors booked through the spring. No question is out of bounds. Check it out!


Lynn Raye Harris is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the HOSTILE OPERATIONS TEAM SERIES of military romances as well as 20 books for Harlequin Presents. A former finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award and the National Readers Choice Award, Lynn lives in Alabama with her handsome former-military husband, two crazy cats, and one spoiled American Saddlebred horse. Lynn’s books have been called “exceptional and emotional,” “intense,” and “sizzling.” Lynn’s books have sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Life Lived Not Lost: A Journey of Hope by Cynthia Staton (book review)

I was gifted this book for an honest review.

Victoria Taylor Staton's life was a... Life Lived Not Lost ~ a journey of hope.

Cynthia Staton's life was in turmoil, then Christ saved her. Life was perfect. She and her beloved daughter, Victoria shared the same belief in God. But seven short months after Cynthia was saved, her daughter lost her battle with Cystic Fibrosis, and God called her home.

Cynthia struggled with not only missing her daughter, but losing her bible teacher. Victoria taught the Word of God to Cynthia in a way that showcased God's perfect love for His children. That profound understanding carried Cynthia through the devastation, knowing she'd see her daughter again one day, in Heaven, and that Victoria's time on Earth was a....
Life Lived Not Lost ~ A journey of hope.
My review
The book is from a new author and after reading this book, I just know, in my heart, that if she keeps writing, she will be a big well known author.

"Life Lived Not Lost: A Journey of Hope" is an amazing story that really made me feel. I cried, I laughed and no matter where in the book I where I felt something and the book really goes into your heart and into you mind. I love how wit made me feel even if the feelings sometimes wherent off happiness.

The story and the book has a very nice flow and rhythm so it was easy to read it and get into it. I can se myself in the future to reread it and hopefully in one long sitting, and not like I had to do now, to split it up into shorter sittings because life happens and I had to deal with that and not reading.

I so love this book and it is on my list for a book I need as a paperback. And the reason I want it as a paperback is due to how well written it is, how the story is told and the story itself. There isnt a part of this book I dont like. In most books there are parts that could be different or better but there isnt a single word in this book I would like to change.

This is a must read and a must have book. I really love it so much.

WORKING THE COUNT by Jeanine Binder (Release Tour)

by Jeanine Binder

Monday, 12 February 2018

Midwife in Behruz - Judy Meadows (book review)

I got this book for an honest review. I did review "Escape From Behruz" by Judy Meadows before.

She was outrageous—with her ponytail, her jar of semen, and her T-shirt that proclaimed, "Midwife at Your Cervix."

Layla's trip to Behruz is meant to be one last adventure before she joins her dreamboat fiance in Texas. But Behruz casts a spell on her. Her knowledge as a midwife is needed there. Serving women's health in a country where no one talks about "such things" is a challenge.

Majid, an American-trained doctor, is ready to settle down, but because of an old family bias, American women are forbidden to him. That's no problem until Layla walks into his clinic with a sassy smile, a jar of semen, and a blond fiance back home.

My thoughts
Midwife in Behruz is a very good story and it is very heart warming. I really enjoyed the story a lot. We get to follow Layla and she is a sweet and nice person and it is easy to feel for her and get to know her in the book. I like how she is and how she both fit in and dont fit in. She is a strange but I love that about her and how she do take risks.

Majid on the other hand is completely different and it was not strange that he and Layla meet and took a liking to each other. I like how he is portrayed and how he acts in the book. I started liking him from start.

The story unfolds in a very good way and we get to know new people and new places. It can tell that Judy Meadows has deep knowledge about what she is writing, about middle east and similar things. She takes that knowledge makes very nice books out of it. When reading I was transported to Behurz and I could feel, see and smell everything. It was hard to believe I was not there and that is something only great authors can do.

I really enjoyed this book and both this one and "Escape From Behruz" is books I have to buy as paperbacks because they are truly great and it is book I can and will reread.