Monday, 31 August 2015

Edge of the Heat 1 - Lisa Ladew (book rewive)

After reading books that are heavier its nice with some easy and light romance reading. I got remmoneded the series Edge of the Heat and got the first book. The first book is free on Amazon, just get it here or buy it as paperback here

Emma Hill had been off the dating scene for 7 years, thanks to her crazy ex-husband. But then she falls off of a building and has a vision of the man who will change all of that. Too bad it happened just before a man who seems to be perfect for her in every way (but can't be the man in the vision) comes and sweeps her off her feet. Tall, strong, handsome Craig Masterson with dimples to die for is in town investigating murder and corruption at the highest levels. Only after he falls for Emma does he find out she used to be married to the dirtiest cop on the force. She's not dirty, he's sure of that, but after she rejects him twice he thinks he's done with her. Can Emma learn to follow her heart before she loses Craig forever? And will her ex-husband get in the way again or will he finally meet his match in Craig?

My thoughts
I like reading romance because they are normally very funny and relaxing even if a few is so out of this world when it comes to the story. But here we have a good storyline that shows that the author have very good knowledge of what she is writing about, this makes this book more than a normal romance book.

I really enjoy this first book and I will read the rest of them. The story is good and this one has a story. Many books dont have a good storyline and that can annoy me pretty badly Emma is a strong woman and I like strong female characters. in to many books the woman is weak and dont work for herself or for her own life, Emma does even if she sometimes is very stupid and naive but I think we all are.

I can really recommend this book. I mean, I read it in a few hours because I couldnt really stop reading it and that is the best reward a book can get.

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