Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Veteran's Christmas Book 2: A Pet for Christmas - Rachelle Ayala (book review)

Time for another book review. This time a sweet christmas story that is so much more than a regular sweet christmas story

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Kelly Kennedy thought her life was finally on track. Engaged to the man of her dreams and with a baby on the way, she reassures her five-year-old daughter, Bree, that the father she picked for Christmas still loves her. 

Unfortunately, war veteran Tyler Manning has been away most of the year. Recovering from PTSD isn’t easy. Rather than worry Kelly, Tyler spends his time traveling to Afghanistan to work at a children's charity he founded. 

Kelly decides to distract Bree with promises of a pet for Christmas. When Tyler is taken hostage by terrorists, she finds it hard to convince Bree that they will truly be a family in time for Christmas. 

A Pet for Christmas is a sequel A Father for Christmas. While it can be read as a standalone, you'll get more of the relationship aspect between Kelly, Tyler, and Bree by reading A Father for Christmas first.

My Thoughts

This story is more than just love and christmas. This has a very deep story about an former american soldier in Afghanistan and his new life with girlfriend, step daughter and a son on its way. Its a story filled with feelings, love, and frustration.

I like that you get to follow both Kelly and Taylor. The fight Kelly has with her feelings, with the baby on the way and a young daughter who sometimes asks for things she dont know so much about. and then we have Taylor, stuck in a country he now realise he has to leave, captured and not knowing when or if he ever will come home.

I like everything about this story. It is so well written and so deep. It has a lot of holiday feelings but its more than a sweet easy to read lovestory around christmas. it has more and this is a story you can read at any time of the year because it is so good.

Sure I can get annoyed about Bree and her behaviour but she is a very young child and she is sweet and innocent but sometimes ask for to much and act very spoild but then maybe that is her way of dealing with things in the story and her fears of being left behind when her baby brother will be born because Taylor isnt her real father.

I have no children of my own so I dont know how they really act in this situation and I hope I will never find out becaue no one should have to go through what Taylor does and what that makes the family go through.

This is a story that I so love and it gives me hope and also makes me think about all the men and women out there fighting for our freedom and that has been out there fighting for it. I would never support a war but I will support the brave men, woman and animals out there, fighting for my rights, my freedom and my safty.

I live in a country, and have always done, that isnt so involved in the wars, we dont have an army like americans do. But I will tonight send a prayer to each and every one of them and hope they are their families are safe and sound.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

I hope a lot of people will read this book because it is very well written and is a very good story and I know it will affect so many people out their in so many different ways.


Monday, 28 September 2015

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (book review)

I am a big Potterhead and I have to write reviews of the books but I will do them one at the time and when I feel like it so I will not do them all at once or in order if I dont feel like it. This one will be about Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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The Dursleys were so mean that hideous that summer that all Harry Potter wanted was to get back to the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. But just as he's packing his bags, Harry receives a warning from a strange, impish creature named Dobby who says that if Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts, disaster will strike.

And strike it does. For in Harry's second year at Hogwarts, fresh torments and horrors arise, including an outrageously stuck-up new professor, Gilderoy Lockheart, a spirit named Moaning Myrtle who haunts the girls' bathroom, and the unwanted attentions of Ron Weasley's younger sister, Ginny.

But each of these seem minor annoyances when the real trouble begins, and someone--or something--starts turning Hogwarts students to stone. Could it be Draco Malfoy, a more poisonous rival than ever? Could it possibly be Hagrid, whose mysterious past is finally told? Or could it be the one everyone at Hogwarts most suspects...Harry Potter himself?

My Thoughts
I dont know how many times I have read this book by now and I must say that I deeply love it, like all the Harry Potte books. It is different from the first book because here Harry is more aware of what is going on around him and he is more grown up but still very childish. 

The story is good but from time to time a bit slow and can be boring. There are times where a lot of things not happen and it takes a lot of time for easy things to be clear for the characters. But if you think that they are only 12 this is still very special.

THe book is funny and nervthrilling at the same time and a very good book for younger children who fell in love with the first Harry Potter book. For adults it may be different and I think a lot of adults who read this for the first time, maybe not liking it as much. 

I love the use of english language and the way it is expressed in this book. It feels so genuine in so many ways and It give a depth in the book. I am in love with Harry Potter books and even if I love this one, its the one in the series I like the least.


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Alphas Unleashed - Paranormal Shifter Romance Multi-Author Box Set: Werebear, Werewolf, Werelion (Book review)

While being sick I havent read as much as I hoped but I did read this little bundle of good shifter novels. Its an great bundle of ebooks that contains 6 short/longer novels. not whole books but its still a nice change.

Buy the awesome bundle here

Brindle - V. Vaughn
A sweet story about Katie who has been turned into a warewolf by her true mate Brindle. She refuses to accept it and when she is in heat he is the only one who can help her even if she dont want it. Will Katie take Brindle back and will they be the savior of the pack?

This story is very short but very interesting. its more about sex and love then about shifters even if the main theme in the story is the fight about who you are and who you chooce to be. I really enjoyed this story and I want to read more about Katie and Brindle and get the story deeper than it is presented in this novel but still a very good novel and it is very well written.

Lone Bear - Ruby Shae
Kate has just lived in Bear mountain for 2 year but from the beginning she felt drawn to Gage. She was also the only one who knew his secret and he didnt know about it. Gage was a bear shifter and he felt that Kate was his true mate but dont know how to talk to her. His instinct is to protect her no matter what, both as human and bear. But would his shifting make Kate from him? and how would he handle when the love of his lifes, life is at risk?

I enjoyed this story a lot. It is sweet and funny and full of love and sex. it really feels like a compleat story and not just a shorter novel. I cant get enough of this story and want to read more and that is good. The sex scens can sometimes be to much and to repeatative but it works, but I must confess that some of the authors word choice feels wrong. Otherwise this is a very great novel.

Wild - Eliza Gayle
Faith hasnt heard from her sister in a few days and now when the finals are over she have to go and find her. On her way she runs into a bad fog and she things she hit a wolf. while trying to find the injured animal the wolf bites her. A few hours later she walks into the stripclub where her sister work. Damien, the owner is there and Faith really feels connected to the man. What she dont know is that the wolf that bit her is a shifter and Damien is one too. Faith is Damiens true mate and now when she is bitten he has to tell her the truth and clame her before someone else does. She is eally in danger and it dont help that Faiths sister didnt take the shifter thing lightly.

This novel is really great and I really loved it. it is very well written with good characters and the stroy is just amazing. It has everything a good shifter story would have, love, true mates, not knowing and a rebell that shows up and both helps in a way and put things up side down on the other. The romance in the novel is very good and feels very real. I am gonna look up and read the continue of this story because the only bad thing with it, is that the ending is not saticfying. there is way more to this so if you really want to know whats gonna happen you have to read the other stories. The other once before is also part of bigger stories but has a more closing ending than this one but still I dont see this ending that leaves everything open is bad. it makes me as a reader want more.

Bound ot her Bear - Harmony Raines
Eirik and Drew has been friends in school but latley they have drifted apart but they can never escape eachother because they are in the same bear pack. Drews father lost his true soulmate and Eiriks mother lost her soulmate. When Eiriks father died he left a mess behind and eirik now have to try to fix everythin and after Drews mother died her father has been drinking a lot.
Eirik and Drew started talking again and decided to be friends, non of them wants to find their true soulmate but what happens when their soulmate walks into their lives?

This story has a lot of potential but as it is, I found it quite boring. It was a lot repetition and I mean A LOT of repetition and it made it very annoying. THe story never moved and I got really board of it. And when something happened it was a lot of sex and the author described the male organ in detail and said cock and described all his did well but when he came to her it was just "her sex" nothing more. its like the author is afraid about the female parts and reading so detailed info about his cock and then just "her sex" made it so wrong. Its like the female never mattered. So far, this is the novel I like the least.

Jace: Wolves of the Rising Sun - Kenzie Cox
Skye is a wolf loving woman who just has broken up from a bad relationship. She decided to go to a small area to take photos and relax, and that she will be close to handsome Jace dont make it worse. He offers to take her out on the boat for some special photos and without warning a big stome is rolling in. They have to seak cover and Jace dont know if it is a good idea. He is obsessed with Skye and think she is his true mate but he dont know if she wants him or how she would react. It also happens to be more behind Skye than anyone can see and it will means trouble.

I must say that this story is very interesting, altering the person you follow and see the story from both persepctive and I really enjoyed it. It is a very well written story and it has a good storyline. The characters is very human like and you can imagine them alive. This is one of the strong points of this story. I really enjoyed this story but it doesnt give me the urge to read more. This is a great novel but nothing that drives me crazy.

Loving the Lion - Lola Kidd
Erin is so tired of men and hasnt dated in ovver 1,5 years due to bad experience. All her friends are getting married and have children. One day Erin is out shopping with her sister for a wedding and Olivia spots Erin. She approch her and lets her know she is the agen of a agency who is looking for mates for shifters. Owen is a Lion shifter who has been in the system for a very long time and havnt yet found his mate and Olivia is sure Erin is the match. But is she? and do Erin really want to go that far to try an agency to find love and marriage?

This story is just so cute and heartwarming and I really loved everything about is. It has a lot of hope, changes, chance, love and some romance. This story is about shifters but not in the way that most shifter stories are, this is different in a good way. The shifting and struggle isnt the big part, its love and how to make normal life work. Only one scene is about a person in shifting form and the rest is about shifters in a more normal way, about life. I really love this story in so many ways and this is among the top my favorites in this bundle.

Overall thoughts
This is a good bundle of hot and sexy Shifter Novels and I like almost all of them. Something I dont like about this is that before every novel is a little part, like a preview or summary about whats gonna happen and that destroyed the storeis before reading them so I just stoped reading this spoilers.

This bundle is otherwise perfect if you love romance and shifters. Most of the novels is very good and all of them are well written. I can really recommend this bundle. It is not long books but short novels and that is good if you are busy, Have little time to read or not want to read a big heavy book.

Friday, 25 September 2015

Its Just a dog - Russ Ryan (book review)

This is a book about how it is to loose a dog, your best friend.

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This is the premise of IT’S JUST A DOG, a humorous, heartwarming new novel about love, pet loss, and one man’s ghost dog who rises up yapping from the grave as a talking dog.

Charlie Keefe is not just your typical dog lover –– he’s a world famous dog painter, a.k.a. “The Picasso of Pooch Portraits”. Unfortunately, Charlie’s beloved muse, Pete, his lovable Jack Russell terrier, has just died. And he’s totally grief-stricken by the loss of his furry best friend.

So, after months of suffering over his dearly departed soulmate and wondering if he ever made it toThe Rainbow Bridge, Charlie reluctantly agrees to foster a new puppy –– a cute Cavalier King Charles named Brownie from the local animal shelter. Soon after, Charlie is surprised to find himself falling head over heels with this new puppy girl, his ‘Rebound Dog’, as he calls her –– as well as being romantically attracted to Janelle Jordan, the head hound at the dog rescue.

But then complications arise when the ghost of his old dog, Pete, mysteriously reappears one night and comes back to haunt him and the new puppy –– setting off a bizarre chain of events that throw Charlie’s life, career, and entire belief system into chaos!
My Thoughts
This is a book for any dog lover out there but I can tell you, you will cry. The book is so filled with feeling. The book is well written and it is a book about how it is to loose, not just a dog but your best friend. Normally this is a book I would read in one go because it is so well written and I love and hate the story but I think I picked up a bad point in life to read it because I cried so much. its not long ago sens I lost my best friend, my soul mate, my everything so I know the feeling in this book and how hard it is.

Russ wasnt there when his beloved dog had to go over the rainbow bridge and nether where I with my dog and I think that made it worse. And I know I am not the only one crying when reading this book but even if I did cry. this is a book I can recommend because it is very good but do have a lot of tissue close to hands.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Last Legacy Season One - Taylor Lavati (book review)

Short this book is the first in what the author hope to be a series of three books and it is about a zombi apocalyps.

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Disaster strikes North America, leaving people without the most basic amenities. Lana is taken from her home and forced to accept a world full of infected, violent beings. Life as humans know it is over, and in its place is a constant fear of death, paranoia, and savagery. 

The mission in this new world is simple: survive. But survival comes at a cost few can bear. 

As Lana and Jim find more survivors, new threats surface, their past decisions haunting them as they pass through abandoned towns. Armed with nothing but the pack on her back and a long-handled knife, Lana fears whether or not they'll make it to their destination--or if she'll perish along the way.

My thoughts
Taylor Lavati is one of my new favorite authors because all her books are very well written and have a very good storyline. They are so different but that is a strong thing. This book is just as amazing as the other books I have read by her and this is also one of the best zombi books out on the market. I use the word zombi even if it is not used in the book. I love zombi stories but most of them is kind of the same and boring and sure this book as a bit of the same things, a small group of humans trying to survive. The big difference is that this book has a storyline and you can see the story moving forward and the characters moving forwarrd to. it never gets boring to read this book even if you have read and watch a lot of zombi related books/movies/series.

I really really really want season two and I wish I just could read it now. This book has laughted, love, friendship and horror in it. It feels so real and when I read this during the night and my boyfriend made some strange noices I jumped and woke him up to check his eye. When you get that reaction to a book, the book is awesome (even if I wasnt the most popular girlfriend when reading it)

if you havent read this book yet, shame on you. this is one of the best book ever and this is a book I know so many people will just love. Read the book, you will not be disapointed.

Get it as ebook here
Get it as paperback here

Im having the flu but trying to write anyway

Sorry for my absent but I have had a damn flu, still does so I havent been online so much as I have wanted to but I will be online more now. I have read a few good books and I will write revews on them, starting with one after this post. As I said, I still have a flu, cold, fever, Cough and so on. I just hate it and that can make my it take time for me to update but as I just said too, I will do my best. I can promiss at least  book reviews today and/or tomorrow about two totaly different of stories. so stay tuned.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Shattered Islands: Part One: The Rakam - Karpov Kinrade (book review)

OMG this new epic fantasy series is one of the best I have read in a long time so I just have to wright a review straigh away. :)

Part one: The Rakam - Buy it here
Part two: Shells and stones - pre-order it here

I have seen a fallen ship once, heard the bone chill screams and swam in the blood red water. I have fought the rakam and lived. I have loved a woman and lost her to the waves. I have seen the black kiasheen. Now, I am on a ship I do not recognize with people I do not call friend. They ask me who I am. I tell them little… 

For I am here for them. 

I must find their secrets. I must speak to the woman with the blue eyes. When I am finished, perhaps I will tell them who I am, for they have heard my story, and they think they know the end. 

They are wrong. 

This is only the start. 

And tonight, I begin.

My Thoughts
I love epic fantays and have read so many fantaysbooks lately and when I saw this one I thought I would give it a chance. and OMG I do not reegret it at all. This is the first part and I did preorder the second part and I want it NOW... 

This is a very well written fantays book in a very nice world. I got drawn in straight away and I didnt want to stop reading. The story is very well written in so many ways and when you cant stop reading its the best feeling ever and it shows how good the book is. the language is good and the characters is very good. You get to know them but they still have so many secrets and I know they will be revealed latr on. 

This is one of the best new fatasy books I have read in a very long time. I cant wait for more books and I just know this is a story that is gonna be loved by so many fantays lovers around the world. I really hope it one day will come out as paperback or even hard cover bacasue I am so gonna by it. Cant wait now for part 2 in the series

Christmas Stray - Rachelle Ayala (Book review)

We are getting into holiday season and it dont always mean christmas but I love christmas and read good books about it. I won a competition and got this book or short novel for free and I couldnt wait to start read it. I started it and couldnt stop reading until it was finished.

Buy it as ebook here
Buy it as paperback here

Juliette Martin does not ever want to celebrate Christmas again, not when it means reliving the last one after her six-year-old son, Jeremiah, passed away on Christmas Eve. 

She and husband, Gabe, find themselves snowed in at a mountain cabin with a pair of strays. Juliette desperately needs a miracle to save her marriage and restore her faith in God. Can a stray dog and an orphan boy help her believe in the magic of Christmas and the power of love?

My Thoughts
I love reading sweet story and Im in the mood for christmas stories. I have gotten around and singing christmas songs a few days now so when i finished the book I (see previous posts) I decided to read this one. it is not a very long one, its a very sweet story and in has perfect lenght when you want something light and sweet to read in a rainy boring evenings. Like forme today.
was reading

I just fell inlove with the story as soon as I started reading it and I couldnt and wouldnt want to stop reading. This was annoying for my dog who decided he wanted to go out and play the same second I started reading but he had to wait. I was a mean mommy today ;)

This story is filled with so much feelings and even if I havent lost a child, I can understrand the feeling and the stuggle the couple is in and I love the way Rachelle Ayala made them survive it and move on, together. This is exactly what Christmas is about and how it should be and this book shows it.  I love every single moment I spent with this book and this is a story Im gonna read again because it is just really awesome and I can highly recommend it. This is a MUST READ story.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Edge of the Heat 2 - Lisa Ladew (book review)

So just finished Edge of the Hear 2 by Lisa Ladew.

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Emma can run, but she can't hide. Her home bugged. Her ex-husband taunting her and still reeling from a vile attack that only her megalomaniac husband could be behind, Emma discovers that the man she's grown to love is missing. Finding him will require more courage than she believes she can muster, but cowering will guarantee that she will lose him forever. 

The question is, is his disappearance connected the savage beast she once called her husband or has something else happened entirely? 

The answer to that question lies in her ability to rescue him before her ex-husband carries out his plan to kidnap her and ride off into the sunset as if nothing ever happened

My Thoughts
I have already written about the first book in the series and I really enjoyed that and I must say that I enjoy this book too but it is very different. Emma turns from a strong independent, a bit naive, woman to become really stupid. She dont take anything serious or even if she does she dont act like it. She just runs head first into whatever without thinking a second about what she does. How she acts and talks at the hospital with people around her and she knows that her ex-husband is a pshycopathic cop who has it in for her and still she dont stop for a second about what she say or whom can hear here.

The story is very different from the first book, this is more romance even if it still has a lot of humour in it and is very thrilling. there are good parts in this book that I really enjoy. I cant say I dislike the book because I laugh, I cry and God knows I hate parts of it and just want to throw the book into the wall. It has everything a book should have and it makes me feel. Its good. I also like that this book dont have a cliffhanger like the first one. It make it sort of an end even if ther is more books in the series to be read.

We also get to see different perspective from the book. We get to see things from Emma, Craig and Normans view and that makes the book really good but it also makes me hate Norman even more and I think that is a bit of the point.

I will buy the third book in the series because I really enjoy this series. It is not like other romance books I have read. I really enjoy this in another way. It has a good story line but a bit stupid and naive characters. The book itself is very well written and a well written book with a good storyline makes the journey a lot better for the reader.

I did enjoy this book a lot and I enjoy this series a lot. I will read them all and when I finally have moved, I have to buy them as paperbacks because they are really awesome.

Buy linke for the series: Westwood harbour Corruption

Edge of the Heat 1: Ebook (free)
Edge of the Heat 1: Paperback

Edge of the Heat 2: Ebook
Edge of the Heat 2: Paperback

Edge of the Heat 3: Ebook
Edge of the Heat 3: Paperback

Edge of the Heat 4: Ebook
Edge of the Heat 4: Paperback 

Edge of the Heat 5: Ebook
Edge of the Heat 5: Paperback

Edge of the Heat 6: Ebook
Edge of the Heat 6: Paperback

Edge of the Heat 7: Ebook (pre-order)

Box set of 4 first books: Ebook

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Finding Sam - Taylor Lavati (book Review)

I did finish this book as few days agao but decided I needed time before I could wright a review of the book So here it is.

Buy the book as paperback here
Buy it as ebook here

Sometimes, the past isn’t supposed to be forgotten. 

Sam is convinced he’s cursed. Everything he touches dies. He leaves his past behind and travels across the country, hoping the distance will save the loved ones he’s left. When his car breaks down, he becomes stranded, finding comfort in a stray dog. 

Despite the fact that he refuses to build any relationships, the people of Sterling, Colorado wiggle their way into his heart. His adopted dog, Lucky, shows him he can handle responsibility. His new boss, Lenny, shows him he has purpose. His neighbor, Izzy, shows him he’s capable of love again. But can Sam find happiness after he’s lost it all? 

Finding Sam, the sequel to the bestselling novel of addiction and attraction, A Reliant Love, is a tale of redemption, acceptance, and finding yourself.

My thoughts
The first book about Sam is A reliant Love and I so loved that boook and of course you have to read it first otherwise this book will not be as good.

The two books are very different from each other and even if we have Sam in both its two very different kinds of Sam in them. I dont know if I really like the turn Sam takes in this book. I dont like Sams behavior in the first one due to drugs and his addiction but a lot of what he did and said was due to the drugs. In this one he really dont have any excuse for treating people and himself the way he do... He goes from a kick ass person to a wimp. Yes I use the word Wimp because I feel like Sam is lost in himself and I dont think I see him finding himself in the book. I see him trying to be and forcing to be a person he is not but he want to be.

The story goes quick and is easy read in the first book but this is one is verx slow and not much really happens and I know a lot of people would not really enjoy that and I know a few people who would find it boring and stop reading. the story is slower but also there are so many feelings in Sam and he needs to work with them and we as readers get to see his struggle with it.

It may seem like I dont like this book but that is wrong. I really enjoyed this book and I do not regret buying or reading it, on the opposit. It gives dept to the story and it closes the story. A Reliant Love really dont have a closing that most people like or accept and that makes it almost nessesary for an author to wright a new book to close the story. I dont find this nessesary and would have been perfectly happy with the ending that where but I dont blame Taylor for writing this book.

This book is very different from the first one and I enjoy them both. Even if I enjoy them I still think A Reliant Love is the better of the two. Now I do recommend Finding Sam because it is a very good book that get you to know the struggle most people have when they find themselves off drugs and specially if they have the ending Sam had.

Read both the book, they are truly awesome even if they are very different.

Finding Sam
Buy the book as paperback here
Buy it as ebook here

A Reliant love
Buy the book as paperback here
Buy it as ebook here

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Happy release day Taylor + my newley bought books :D

Today is the day where one of my new favorite authors has an online Release pary for her new book: Finding Sam.  of course im talking about the almight Taylor Lavati.

We have fun. talking, getting free ebooks and compeating in giveaways. I have gotten a few new ebook and also bought a few other ebook. I have a fun time :D perfect when Im on the sofa with zero energy. Well i have bought and pre ordered stuff and are reading :D

So list of new ebooks so far :D

  • Its just a dog - Russ Ryan   buy it here
  • Alphas Unleashed: paranormal shifter romance box set    buy it here
  • Blood Rose (Blood Books 1) - Danielle Rose   Buy it here
  • Sinful Intent (Alpha Pi series book 1) - Chaelle Bliss   Buy it here
  • Crossroads - Lori L. Otto  Buy it here
  •  Intercepted by Love: part one: A football romance (the Quartrbacks Heart book 1) - Rachelle Ayala Buy it here 
  • Milans Return - Grae Lily Buy it here 
  • Wingless Taylor Lavati Buy it here 
  • The Last Legacy Season OneTaylor Lavati  Buy it here 
  • The Twenty-sided sorceress series: Books 1-3 - Annie Bellet Buy it here
Pre ordered:
  •  Mischief under the Mistletoe: Holiday Hotties just Waiting to be unwrapped BUY it here
  • Christmas Pets and Kisses: 16 Sweet Christmas Romances BUY it here
haha so maybe I have something to do now for a while. when it comes to reading but yeah I read a lot :D like a book is no more than 1 day. sometimes 2 depending on what I have to do otherwise.
So come on and get a book or two or more :D

Maybe I get some more depending on if there is a nice giveaway or something :D

Christmas Pets and Kisses: 16 Sweet Christmas Romances (pre order)

Today I have had an awesoem day so far. Went to Eden, a shopping center and had lunch with my love. Got treated to Nachos <3 after that we went into the pet store to buy Akime a new bone, got out with a huge bone and treats :D and then I got new shoes. we took a long walk and now I am drinking coffee and chilling.

So I wanted to wright about a new pre ordered I did. I know I should pop out an revire on Fining Sam but I have to let the book sink in.

So Pre Order. Im into romance right now and I love reading christmas stories now when its soon christmas well I did pre order. the title is Christmas Pets and Kisses. its about love AND pets. can it be better? doubtful. So I think you should pre order it NOW: its 16 Christmas Romances. Its only $0.99 so its a bargin.

Pre order it at amazon as e-book here

Thursday, 3 September 2015

A Reliant Love - Taylor Lavati (book review)

Last night I finished this amazing book and first i Thought that I would write a long good review straight away but then I decided to wait, to let the story sink in a bit because it really made me feel and think...

Get it as E-book here
Get it as paperback here

Story (From Amazon)
Nathalie Carter wants one thing: independence. She has paid her dues by living at home under her parents’ watchful eyes, earning grades to give her a ticket out and joining clubs she had no interest in to get into college. 

She plans to experience things she believes every new adult should—from falling in love to playing beer pong and pulling an all-nighter to skipping class because she’s too hungover. But nothing ever seems to go as planned, and she gets pulled into a world she never imagined existed. 

Samuel Torrington’s past refuses to release him from its vise-like grip; but he has a plan, and once his senior year of college is over, he can finally move away and start anew. His addictions help him get through day-to-day life, but he’s constantly battling darker demons. 

Fate brings the two together, and chance takes them on a roller coaster ride that neither would dare hop off. Within destiny’s grasp, they realize there are two things impossible to fight—addiction and attraction.

My Thoughts
First I must say that even if this book is a romance book this book contains so much more than just romance. It is a book about a hard life of school, adulthood, friends and drungs. We all have gone through most of these things so it makes it easier to understand and feel even if I hope that most people dont know so much about what Sam deals with, unfortunatly, in today more and more people get into drugs. I myself is a former drug addict and know how it is and what Sam feels and how his life is. I feel very connected to Sam and I do hate some of his decissions and his mood swings because they are out of place and that is not how to behave or treat anyone, but I know why he does it and that it is not HE who does most of the things, its the drugs.

I think Taylor Lavati shows a real world and try to show people that no matter how much someone wants something, if you have an addiciton, its always the addicction first and its always the addiction who talks. this is very sad but true and how it is shown in this book is very good.

Nathalie is for me very strange as a character because I have a bit of a hard time understanding her and YES I am jealous of her but after a while she is a character you grow fond of and feel for but for me it took a while.

I like that the book is written from both characters view, it takes the story one step further and you get a picture that would be hard to get with only one way of viewing. It also makes you get to know the characters in the book on a whole new level and feel their ups and down in a way you normally dont.

This book is also about romance and love and of course about sex and there is sex in it but not as much as you maybe have in many romance books. If you want to read just romance, with a lot of sex and less problem and drama, dont read this book. this book is more than that and deeper, and in my view better.

I love this book so much that I have placed an order for it as paperback too. I read it as e-book but still, I want it as paperback because it really is one of the best books I have ever been reading. I laughed, I kept my breath, I wanted to scream, and I cried, It made me feel everything a great book makes you feel.

This really is one of the books that you just have to read, Yes it is that good that I write that you have to read it.

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