Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Veteran's Christmas Book 2: A Pet for Christmas - Rachelle Ayala (book review)

Time for another book review. This time a sweet christmas story that is so much more than a regular sweet christmas story

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Kelly Kennedy thought her life was finally on track. Engaged to the man of her dreams and with a baby on the way, she reassures her five-year-old daughter, Bree, that the father she picked for Christmas still loves her. 

Unfortunately, war veteran Tyler Manning has been away most of the year. Recovering from PTSD isn’t easy. Rather than worry Kelly, Tyler spends his time traveling to Afghanistan to work at a children's charity he founded. 

Kelly decides to distract Bree with promises of a pet for Christmas. When Tyler is taken hostage by terrorists, she finds it hard to convince Bree that they will truly be a family in time for Christmas. 

A Pet for Christmas is a sequel A Father for Christmas. While it can be read as a standalone, you'll get more of the relationship aspect between Kelly, Tyler, and Bree by reading A Father for Christmas first.

My Thoughts

This story is more than just love and christmas. This has a very deep story about an former american soldier in Afghanistan and his new life with girlfriend, step daughter and a son on its way. Its a story filled with feelings, love, and frustration.

I like that you get to follow both Kelly and Taylor. The fight Kelly has with her feelings, with the baby on the way and a young daughter who sometimes asks for things she dont know so much about. and then we have Taylor, stuck in a country he now realise he has to leave, captured and not knowing when or if he ever will come home.

I like everything about this story. It is so well written and so deep. It has a lot of holiday feelings but its more than a sweet easy to read lovestory around christmas. it has more and this is a story you can read at any time of the year because it is so good.

Sure I can get annoyed about Bree and her behaviour but she is a very young child and she is sweet and innocent but sometimes ask for to much and act very spoild but then maybe that is her way of dealing with things in the story and her fears of being left behind when her baby brother will be born because Taylor isnt her real father.

I have no children of my own so I dont know how they really act in this situation and I hope I will never find out becaue no one should have to go through what Taylor does and what that makes the family go through.

This is a story that I so love and it gives me hope and also makes me think about all the men and women out there fighting for our freedom and that has been out there fighting for it. I would never support a war but I will support the brave men, woman and animals out there, fighting for my rights, my freedom and my safty.

I live in a country, and have always done, that isnt so involved in the wars, we dont have an army like americans do. But I will tonight send a prayer to each and every one of them and hope they are their families are safe and sound.

May God bless you and keep you safe.

I hope a lot of people will read this book because it is very well written and is a very good story and I know it will affect so many people out their in so many different ways.


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