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Alphas Unleashed - Paranormal Shifter Romance Multi-Author Box Set: Werebear, Werewolf, Werelion (Book review)

While being sick I havent read as much as I hoped but I did read this little bundle of good shifter novels. Its an great bundle of ebooks that contains 6 short/longer novels. not whole books but its still a nice change.

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Brindle - V. Vaughn
A sweet story about Katie who has been turned into a warewolf by her true mate Brindle. She refuses to accept it and when she is in heat he is the only one who can help her even if she dont want it. Will Katie take Brindle back and will they be the savior of the pack?

This story is very short but very interesting. its more about sex and love then about shifters even if the main theme in the story is the fight about who you are and who you chooce to be. I really enjoyed this story and I want to read more about Katie and Brindle and get the story deeper than it is presented in this novel but still a very good novel and it is very well written.

Lone Bear - Ruby Shae
Kate has just lived in Bear mountain for 2 year but from the beginning she felt drawn to Gage. She was also the only one who knew his secret and he didnt know about it. Gage was a bear shifter and he felt that Kate was his true mate but dont know how to talk to her. His instinct is to protect her no matter what, both as human and bear. But would his shifting make Kate from him? and how would he handle when the love of his lifes, life is at risk?

I enjoyed this story a lot. It is sweet and funny and full of love and sex. it really feels like a compleat story and not just a shorter novel. I cant get enough of this story and want to read more and that is good. The sex scens can sometimes be to much and to repeatative but it works, but I must confess that some of the authors word choice feels wrong. Otherwise this is a very great novel.

Wild - Eliza Gayle
Faith hasnt heard from her sister in a few days and now when the finals are over she have to go and find her. On her way she runs into a bad fog and she things she hit a wolf. while trying to find the injured animal the wolf bites her. A few hours later she walks into the stripclub where her sister work. Damien, the owner is there and Faith really feels connected to the man. What she dont know is that the wolf that bit her is a shifter and Damien is one too. Faith is Damiens true mate and now when she is bitten he has to tell her the truth and clame her before someone else does. She is eally in danger and it dont help that Faiths sister didnt take the shifter thing lightly.

This novel is really great and I really loved it. it is very well written with good characters and the stroy is just amazing. It has everything a good shifter story would have, love, true mates, not knowing and a rebell that shows up and both helps in a way and put things up side down on the other. The romance in the novel is very good and feels very real. I am gonna look up and read the continue of this story because the only bad thing with it, is that the ending is not saticfying. there is way more to this so if you really want to know whats gonna happen you have to read the other stories. The other once before is also part of bigger stories but has a more closing ending than this one but still I dont see this ending that leaves everything open is bad. it makes me as a reader want more.

Bound ot her Bear - Harmony Raines
Eirik and Drew has been friends in school but latley they have drifted apart but they can never escape eachother because they are in the same bear pack. Drews father lost his true soulmate and Eiriks mother lost her soulmate. When Eiriks father died he left a mess behind and eirik now have to try to fix everythin and after Drews mother died her father has been drinking a lot.
Eirik and Drew started talking again and decided to be friends, non of them wants to find their true soulmate but what happens when their soulmate walks into their lives?

This story has a lot of potential but as it is, I found it quite boring. It was a lot repetition and I mean A LOT of repetition and it made it very annoying. THe story never moved and I got really board of it. And when something happened it was a lot of sex and the author described the male organ in detail and said cock and described all his did well but when he came to her it was just "her sex" nothing more. its like the author is afraid about the female parts and reading so detailed info about his cock and then just "her sex" made it so wrong. Its like the female never mattered. So far, this is the novel I like the least.

Jace: Wolves of the Rising Sun - Kenzie Cox
Skye is a wolf loving woman who just has broken up from a bad relationship. She decided to go to a small area to take photos and relax, and that she will be close to handsome Jace dont make it worse. He offers to take her out on the boat for some special photos and without warning a big stome is rolling in. They have to seak cover and Jace dont know if it is a good idea. He is obsessed with Skye and think she is his true mate but he dont know if she wants him or how she would react. It also happens to be more behind Skye than anyone can see and it will means trouble.

I must say that this story is very interesting, altering the person you follow and see the story from both persepctive and I really enjoyed it. It is a very well written story and it has a good storyline. The characters is very human like and you can imagine them alive. This is one of the strong points of this story. I really enjoyed this story but it doesnt give me the urge to read more. This is a great novel but nothing that drives me crazy.

Loving the Lion - Lola Kidd
Erin is so tired of men and hasnt dated in ovver 1,5 years due to bad experience. All her friends are getting married and have children. One day Erin is out shopping with her sister for a wedding and Olivia spots Erin. She approch her and lets her know she is the agen of a agency who is looking for mates for shifters. Owen is a Lion shifter who has been in the system for a very long time and havnt yet found his mate and Olivia is sure Erin is the match. But is she? and do Erin really want to go that far to try an agency to find love and marriage?

This story is just so cute and heartwarming and I really loved everything about is. It has a lot of hope, changes, chance, love and some romance. This story is about shifters but not in the way that most shifter stories are, this is different in a good way. The shifting and struggle isnt the big part, its love and how to make normal life work. Only one scene is about a person in shifting form and the rest is about shifters in a more normal way, about life. I really love this story in so many ways and this is among the top my favorites in this bundle.

Overall thoughts
This is a good bundle of hot and sexy Shifter Novels and I like almost all of them. Something I dont like about this is that before every novel is a little part, like a preview or summary about whats gonna happen and that destroyed the storeis before reading them so I just stoped reading this spoilers.

This bundle is otherwise perfect if you love romance and shifters. Most of the novels is very good and all of them are well written. I can really recommend this bundle. It is not long books but short novels and that is good if you are busy, Have little time to read or not want to read a big heavy book.

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