Saturday, 5 September 2015

Christmas Pets and Kisses: 16 Sweet Christmas Romances (pre order)

Today I have had an awesoem day so far. Went to Eden, a shopping center and had lunch with my love. Got treated to Nachos <3 after that we went into the pet store to buy Akime a new bone, got out with a huge bone and treats :D and then I got new shoes. we took a long walk and now I am drinking coffee and chilling.

So I wanted to wright about a new pre ordered I did. I know I should pop out an revire on Fining Sam but I have to let the book sink in.

So Pre Order. Im into romance right now and I love reading christmas stories now when its soon christmas well I did pre order. the title is Christmas Pets and Kisses. its about love AND pets. can it be better? doubtful. So I think you should pre order it NOW: its 16 Christmas Romances. Its only $0.99 so its a bargin.

Pre order it at amazon as e-book here

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