Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Edge of the Heat 2 - Lisa Ladew (book review)

So just finished Edge of the Hear 2 by Lisa Ladew.

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Emma can run, but she can't hide. Her home bugged. Her ex-husband taunting her and still reeling from a vile attack that only her megalomaniac husband could be behind, Emma discovers that the man she's grown to love is missing. Finding him will require more courage than she believes she can muster, but cowering will guarantee that she will lose him forever. 

The question is, is his disappearance connected the savage beast she once called her husband or has something else happened entirely? 

The answer to that question lies in her ability to rescue him before her ex-husband carries out his plan to kidnap her and ride off into the sunset as if nothing ever happened

My Thoughts
I have already written about the first book in the series and I really enjoyed that and I must say that I enjoy this book too but it is very different. Emma turns from a strong independent, a bit naive, woman to become really stupid. She dont take anything serious or even if she does she dont act like it. She just runs head first into whatever without thinking a second about what she does. How she acts and talks at the hospital with people around her and she knows that her ex-husband is a pshycopathic cop who has it in for her and still she dont stop for a second about what she say or whom can hear here.

The story is very different from the first book, this is more romance even if it still has a lot of humour in it and is very thrilling. there are good parts in this book that I really enjoy. I cant say I dislike the book because I laugh, I cry and God knows I hate parts of it and just want to throw the book into the wall. It has everything a book should have and it makes me feel. Its good. I also like that this book dont have a cliffhanger like the first one. It make it sort of an end even if ther is more books in the series to be read.

We also get to see different perspective from the book. We get to see things from Emma, Craig and Normans view and that makes the book really good but it also makes me hate Norman even more and I think that is a bit of the point.

I will buy the third book in the series because I really enjoy this series. It is not like other romance books I have read. I really enjoy this in another way. It has a good story line but a bit stupid and naive characters. The book itself is very well written and a well written book with a good storyline makes the journey a lot better for the reader.

I did enjoy this book a lot and I enjoy this series a lot. I will read them all and when I finally have moved, I have to buy them as paperbacks because they are really awesome.

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