Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Last Legacy Season One - Taylor Lavati (book review)

Short this book is the first in what the author hope to be a series of three books and it is about a zombi apocalyps.

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Disaster strikes North America, leaving people without the most basic amenities. Lana is taken from her home and forced to accept a world full of infected, violent beings. Life as humans know it is over, and in its place is a constant fear of death, paranoia, and savagery. 

The mission in this new world is simple: survive. But survival comes at a cost few can bear. 

As Lana and Jim find more survivors, new threats surface, their past decisions haunting them as they pass through abandoned towns. Armed with nothing but the pack on her back and a long-handled knife, Lana fears whether or not they'll make it to their destination--or if she'll perish along the way.

My thoughts
Taylor Lavati is one of my new favorite authors because all her books are very well written and have a very good storyline. They are so different but that is a strong thing. This book is just as amazing as the other books I have read by her and this is also one of the best zombi books out on the market. I use the word zombi even if it is not used in the book. I love zombi stories but most of them is kind of the same and boring and sure this book as a bit of the same things, a small group of humans trying to survive. The big difference is that this book has a storyline and you can see the story moving forward and the characters moving forwarrd to. it never gets boring to read this book even if you have read and watch a lot of zombi related books/movies/series.

I really really really want season two and I wish I just could read it now. This book has laughted, love, friendship and horror in it. It feels so real and when I read this during the night and my boyfriend made some strange noices I jumped and woke him up to check his eye. When you get that reaction to a book, the book is awesome (even if I wasnt the most popular girlfriend when reading it)

if you havent read this book yet, shame on you. this is one of the best book ever and this is a book I know so many people will just love. Read the book, you will not be disapointed.

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