Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Shattered Islands: Part One: The Rakam - Karpov Kinrade (book review)

OMG this new epic fantasy series is one of the best I have read in a long time so I just have to wright a review straigh away. :)

Part one: The Rakam - Buy it here
Part two: Shells and stones - pre-order it here

I have seen a fallen ship once, heard the bone chill screams and swam in the blood red water. I have fought the rakam and lived. I have loved a woman and lost her to the waves. I have seen the black kiasheen. Now, I am on a ship I do not recognize with people I do not call friend. They ask me who I am. I tell them little… 

For I am here for them. 

I must find their secrets. I must speak to the woman with the blue eyes. When I am finished, perhaps I will tell them who I am, for they have heard my story, and they think they know the end. 

They are wrong. 

This is only the start. 

And tonight, I begin.

My Thoughts
I love epic fantays and have read so many fantaysbooks lately and when I saw this one I thought I would give it a chance. and OMG I do not reegret it at all. This is the first part and I did preorder the second part and I want it NOW... 

This is a very well written fantays book in a very nice world. I got drawn in straight away and I didnt want to stop reading. The story is very well written in so many ways and when you cant stop reading its the best feeling ever and it shows how good the book is. the language is good and the characters is very good. You get to know them but they still have so many secrets and I know they will be revealed latr on. 

This is one of the best new fatasy books I have read in a very long time. I cant wait for more books and I just know this is a story that is gonna be loved by so many fantays lovers around the world. I really hope it one day will come out as paperback or even hard cover bacasue I am so gonna by it. Cant wait now for part 2 in the series

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