Saturday, 24 October 2015

My Mr. Sexy 1 - C.C. Cartwright (book review)

I couldnt sleep last night so I started reading this book and also finished it becuase it was very interesting and I got way to little sleep last night. "My Mr. Sexy 1" is the first book in the series "My Mr. Romance

My Mr. Sexy 1 Free here
My Mr. Sexy 2 here

Also get
My Mr. Mitch here (book 2.5 in Series)
My Mr. London here (book 3 in Series)
my Mr. Right here (book 4 in Series)

Get ready for a wild and sexy ride as Marissa Monroe struggles to choose between the two incredibly sexy men to satisfy her cravings for love...
Marissa Monroe’s new job lands her in a consulting firm in Downtown Los Angeles. During her first meeting, in walks the confident and sexy as hell Nick Armstrong and the sexual attraction is instantaneous, sparks fly! Neither can deny the unexpected attraction that exists between them.
Then Marissa discovers that the ever so tempting Nick is off-limits and she knows she must walk away.
When Nick’s college fraternity brother, the successful and hunky eligible bachelor Mitch Hamilton walks into the picture, Marissa's love life really heats up. Will he prove to be a satisfying distraction?
Who will be the ONE man to convince her that he can satisfy her cravings for love, in and out of the bedroom?

My Thoughts
I picked this one up because i had heared and read about it from people and it was free and sometimes you just need a free ebook before you go to bed and fall asleep. Even if it had great reviews I didnt have high hopes and I must say I had a positive surprised. This book is very good and very interesting in so many ways.

Marissa feels so real and has a lot in her that so many women can see in themselves to and that is very good. I could relate to her in a good, positive way even if I never have had two hunks chasing me like she has. Do I do anything wrong? ;)

This book has a storyline so it feels like a book and not just a porn novel like so many books can feel like. I like the story and the twists in this book. It made me drawn in and I started reading it because I couldnt sleep and I couldnt go to sleep until the book was finished to I must confess I got to few hours of sleep last night but it was worth it.

I have now read the first book and it is good, but I also must say that some parts confuses me. It feels like there is parts missing in the book and that takes it down a bit. It felt really unfinished and that is a shame, parts not making any sens and sentences missing. Either way, beside this, I really enjoyed the book and can recommend it. I will buy the rest of the books and read them as soon as I have time and I will pretty quick start with book 2 even if I have so much to do work wise and my "To Read pile" is growing fast.

If you want a nice, modern romance book and series with a good storyline and characters that feels real, this is a book to read.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

First Kisses - Dina Littner (Review)

I got this short novel for a honest review and I am very happy about that. Thank you Dina. :) and even if you cant buy this, (yet?) I wanted to share it and share the love for this new author.

Jillian Ross has been best friends with Caden and James Buchanan since she moved next door ten years ago. Now teens, their friendship is as close as ever and about to get closer. It's the Fourth of July and time for the annual tradition of watching the town's fireworks from the treehouse in Jillian's backyard.

My Thoughts
So this is a very short story that I enjoyed a lot. it is funny and i sweet and a  bit romantic at the same time. I can see this as an introduction to a bigger work or a part of a collection of sweet teenage love novels.

I must say it is very well written and I didnt think I would enjoy it as much as I did. Normally short stories like this is not something I enjoy because I always want more, and sure I want more even after this, and even more than I thought because it is really awesome. but still, I see this story for what it is. A first finished story from a new author. if Dina keeps this work up, seh can go far.

I so enjoyed this story and I really recommend it to others. It has everything a short novel and/or a beginning for something better should have.

Tangled in Tinsel - Stacy Eaton (book review)

So I just finished a short romantic christmas story and I must say I did fall inlove with it. I havent read so much lately because I have been writing a lot. somehow I hope that, one day, I will be an author. Well here are the revirew of the lastes book I finished.

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Welcome to Celebration Township.

Casey Lowe is new in town and hiding from her past. Her next-door neighbor, Thad Wagner, is a sexy police officer, who is good with his hands, and his lips, but Casey refuses to get involved with a married man, and Thad can't seem to understand why she keeps pushing him away. No matter how they try to stay apart, something keeps drawing them together. When an unexpected visitor shows up at Casey's house the week before Christmas, her future is on the line. Will Thad figure it out in time to save her, or will Casey become a conspirator to a murderer?

Tangled in Tinsel is the first book in the thirteen-story novella series that takes place in quaint Celebration Township, Pennsylvania. The rest of the series will begin to release in the fall of 2016

My Thoughts

Christmas stories and love around christmas is a very popular topic and this story is the same but it is also way more than just a romantic story where two people meet around christmas. This is a story about how a woman finds the power in herself to survive in the world that is not always very nice to her. This makes this story more powerful and it gives it a deeper meaning. 

The altering between the first person is done very well and you get different views and that also makes the story deeper and you as a reader connect to the story on a deaper lever. I like how it is written and how the author get me as a reader to not able to stop reading. I am so drawn into the story and I dont want it to end. 

I really love this story and this is a story I can see myself coming back to and rereading again. the story is very good and it gives hope to the reader. Life isnt always that easy but we all need to find the power to move on, just like in this book. 

If you want a good romantic story that is more than a lot of other stories out there then I could reacommend this one. it is just so awesome. 

The cover of this book is so pretty. I really love it and I cant wait until next fall when the rest of the stories will be released.


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Bought some new books today :D

So I got some extra money and bought some new books today. there is 3 more books I desperatly need but started with 5 paperbacks.

The Inheritance Cycle
Book ONE: Eragon
Book TWO: Eldest
Book TREE: Brisingr
Book FOUR: Inheritance

Book ONE: THe Dwarves
It is here I need to buy the last 3 books in the series and maybe I will... :P

I also have a bundle of ebooks on my kindle to read so I have a lot of books for a while. I hope it will last me this year :P and then I hope to get books for christmas :D

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Dark Alley Stranger: Episode 1 - D. S. Wrights (Book revirew)

okay so I have finished another book today. yes I have had a slow and relaxed day with only cooking and dog walks as break but I am allowed to have it like this from time to time. This time I read "Dark Alley Stranger: Episode 1" which is a shorter book but ti is bloody brilliant. I will buy it as paperback as soon as I can.

Buy it as paperback here
Buy it as ebook here

Newly single and self-confident Alice has recently decided that she doesn't need a man to feel complete, if it wasn't for the one activity where a man can come quite handy. 
On a girl's night out that was bound to be embarrassing and boring, since every girl of her clique is a mommy or about to become one, Alice makes a lot of interesting acquaintances and thanks to one of them she receives a mysterious invite to the "Dark Alley". 
Too curious to heed her best friend's warnings, Alice heads out to end up having, hot, sizzling sex with a faceless stranger. 

My Thoughts
I must say that I have had this book on my kindle for a while and now when I have read it I wondr why I never did read it earlier because this book is bloddy brilliant. It is a very interesting story that is very well developed. The main Character Alice feels very real and it is easy to see yourself in her, I do at least. The feeling of reality is one of the strong points in this book and that it is dark but still not to dark.

The language is very well in the book and I love how it is written. It feels like the author has worked a lot with this story. The sex scens feels real and is not to much, like it sometimes can be or feel in some books. there is a very good mix of story, real characters and romance and passion. There is nothing I dislike about the book.

I hope there will be a second episode soon becaue I really love this book and want to read more of it. The end is open and a lot of times this is something I dislike but in this case it is an open ending that promiss more but it also somehow is a closed open ending so even if ther would be no more you are a reader can fill in the gaps and made your own ending.

The love of the story made me want it to be longer and I want more so I really hope episode 2 will come soon because I cant wait for it. i can recommend this book because it is just awesome


My Werewolf Professor - Marian Tee (Book review)

So I did a quick download from amazon of this "werewolf" book or novel or a few page story with a bad ending. read it in no time and is very unsaticfied. Well here is the review of it.

What I knew about Alessandro Moretti: he’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen, he’s the most mysterious, sought-after professor in my university, and he’s not the type to fall in love with me, his plainest-looking student. 
What I didn’t know about Alessandro Moretti: he’s a werewolf…and he may just want me, too. 

18-year-old Kassia has decided to confess her love for Professor Alessandro Moretti. She knows she’s likely to be dumped, but instead the professor offers her…a bet? 

Alessandro Moretti has always found Kassia, his extremely shy student, oddly attractive. When she confesses her feelings, he’s unable to help himself. For him, it’s all a game. After all, Alessandro knows from experience that nothing good can ever happen between a werewolf and a human, especially when one of them is as cynical about love as him. 

My Thoughts
I must say that if I knew this book or short novel or whatever you want to call it, was so short I wouldnt have bothered putting it on my kindle or read it. This short story is just a part of something because it just ends mid in the story and in a very odd way.

I must say that for me this si a painfull slow porn novel without much storyline. It is supposed to be about werewolf as the title say but its very breefly about them. Sure the professor is a werewolf but that is almost it.

I like hot and steamy shifter romance books but this one is not something for me for a number of reasons. First of it is to short and ends mid in. I dont like when it is like that and even if this is a short thing that can be combined into something bigger, it feels unfinished. like work in progress.

Secondly they use the word Lyccan and I am a huge fan of underworld and there is the only place I have heared about Lyccans and its a word I dont like in this kinds of fiction because it has nothing to do with Lyccans, they are werewolfs here not lyccans.

THirdly, this is simply bad porn novel and it feels so unfinished. This is underworld clashing with the novel "bitten" by Kelly Armstrong and it is not a good clash. it is a bad clash. It is to much unspoken things and so many loose threads and it dont keep the reader entertained. I will not even look up the rest of the novels in the series because this one was painful enough. I hate to give bad reviews but I have to speak my mind and I cant give this anything more than I have.

I wouldnt waste my time reading this again so I cant recommend it. **/***** (2/5)

The Hobbit: There and Back Again (book review)

Sorry My dear readers that I havent been updating anything for a while. Life is just so hectic and I havent had time for much latly, not even reading. Work and moving takes energy. Well I finished one of my favoite books last night. The Hobbit.

Buy it as Paperback here
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Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who enjoys a comfortable, unambitious life, rarely traveling any farther than his pantry or cellar. But his contentment is disturbed when the wizard Gandalf and a company of dwarves arrive on his doorstep one day to whisk him away on an adventure. They have launched a plot to raid the treasure hoard guarded by Smaug the Magnificent, a large and very dangerous dragon. Bilbo reluctantly joins their quest, unaware that on his journey to the Lonely Mountain he will encounter both a magic ring and a frightening creature known as Gollum

My thoughts
I dont even know where to start describing my thoughts  about this book because this is a true masterpiece in its own way. The story is very well written and there is a clear red thread in the story that leads the reader onwards but also to know the places and characters in the book in a good way. nothing is given freely for the reader and we get to know people, little by litte and the introcution to new characters is made when needed and nothing more.

I remember reading this book for the first time and I loved it and I must confess, this is the first time I read it in English and the language can sometimes be hard and confusing if you are not very well known of Englihs and Toliens way of writing and describing things.

This is an illustrated edition and the illustration isn the book is very nice and fits in the story but if you dont want to liik at them its no problem because there isnt a lot of them only a few.

I enjoyed this book as always and I really enjoy Tolkiens work. This is a masterpiece of its own. If you only have seen the movies I think the book will be a bit of a  disapointment because there is a lot of things that dont happen in the book and the book describe things in shorter way and way different than in the move. The book and the movies are very different so dont think its the same. Theb ook is a ture masterpeice and I know I will read it again and again no matter what. This is a book I recommened to a lot of people who wants to read good and well written fantasy. I would also say that this is a bit of history. Tolkien is, according to me, the creator of modern Fantasy and of course The Hobbit is one the the big stones in fantasy.

If you havent read it, I would say you have missed something very important and I would recommend everyone to read it.


Saturday, 10 October 2015

Not-So-Blue Christmas - Bonnie Edwards (book review)

So while I was playing Heros of the Storm, which is a game I have started to LOVE, I read this book or short novel and thought I have to write a review about it.

Buy it as ebook here

In this second chance at love romance, Kirk Fontaine can’t bear to talk to anyone, let alone enjoy Christmas. Away from home, in a small harbor city in Canada, broken-hearted, Kirk’s lost and alone until one small dog refuses to give up on him.

Vibrant widow Miranda Bailey is ready to move into the next phase of her life, except this Christmas is shaping up to be the worst since her husband’s death. But instead of hiding, she takes charge, and drags Kirk into her Christmas miracle.

My Thoughts
This is a very well written story and the storyline is very good but I got bored when I was reading it. I dont know but this story simply didnt catch me in like so many other stories like this I have read.

The story, enviornment and characters is very well created and feels natural and some how real but not as real and perfect as I would prefer. I dont know how to explain it but it feels a bit… to much… and to unreal… With everything…

The problem can be that I cant relate to the characters and I think when you cant relate to characters or the story you dont like it so much, I think a lot of people would love this story and appriciate it very much, I am unfortunatly not one of them. This is NOT a bad story at all, it is a good one but not one of my favorites.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Cole for Christmas - Kelly Collins (book review)

Okay I have to confess, Im so into christmas romance books at this moment. So here is another review of a great book. I started it this morning and well I have finished it. Couldnt put the book down.

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When Interior Designer Chloe Craig imagined Christmas, her mind overflowed with boisterous family gatherings, trees trimmed in twinkling lights, and doorways adorned with mistletoe. Using her infectious joy, she was determined to soften the heart of her new employer, Mr. Cole, and to bring warmth and cheer to his cold Aspen home.

New to Aspen, Chloe was resolute to start fresh, shaking off a past relationship betrayal. She saw the Cole assignment as her ticket to establish herself professionally, and despite the magnetic lure of Mr. Tall, Dark, and Delicious, she knew to keep her distance.

For real estate mogul, Elias Cole, a broken heart had vetoed celebrating Christmas for years. More Scrooge than Kris Kringle, he was desperate for help so he hired Chloe Craig to bring the once-loved Christmas joy to his home.

But when his personal life fell apart, he needed more than a decorator. He needed a miracle, and her name was Chloe.

Sometimes desire is simply too irresistible to give into, and attraction too hard to ignore. While some girls get presents for Christmas, others get Cole. Could a little Cole for Christmas be Chloe’s wish come true?

My Thoughts
I am so into christmas romance at this moment and I am already in holiday mood. It is weird but reading this books makes me happy. This book is brilliant. It is very well written and very funny. it all starts very innocent and funny and I was laughing and smiling a lot. THen it all gets complicated and sweet followed by more sweet and complicated and then well we all know how it ends… I like how this book is written, its the story line and how one thing leads to another in a natural way and the reaction of the characters in the book is so real that this story could be taken from real life. When you get the feeling off peaking into somone else life, then its a good book. I really feel for Cici and for Elias in an incredible way.

I am a christmas lover and loves everything about christmas and love to spread christmas joy to people around me so I see myself a lot like Cici and still I spend a lot of time with people who just hates Christmas, So this story is a bit of my life, How I already is thinking and planning christmas and they are fed up with just the thought of christmas is a few months away. Finding parts of you in books is important and I tend to do it in all books I read. There is so much of Cici in me, the love for christmas, her will of proving herself, moving away for some reason and so on. I have done the same and I still think I will do the same. I just wish I could celebrate christmas in a white wonderland like Aspen, even if I dont like skiing.

This is a lot more than a normal sensual christmas story. Christmas is in the center and it is a romance and a good love story but the storyline is different and good. This book has a good story that is hard to come by, the sex is not the center like in so many other books when it comes to Christmas romance books, even if of course there is part of it in the book.

I can really recommend this book to other. It is bloody brilliant and I will read it again. When I started reading I couldnt stop so I read it in one go. THe book is that good. Buy it, you will never regret it.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Christmas Flirt (A Holiday Romance) - Rachelle Ayala (book review)

Haha okay I was so wrong when it came to what review I was going to do next, but I had forgotten to wright about this book. The past weekend and everything but here it is.

This is a book that is best for 18+ readers due to sexual content

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Lacy Reed is the ultimate bad girl, and she doesn't care what anyone thinks--until her naked selfies show up on her boss's cell phone.

Brandon Cole never smiles, ever. Not even when Lacy's indecent selfies appear on his phone. He's got an image and reputation to protect. Already a VP before age thirty, he doesn't need flirtatious and nosy Lacy to get close and discover his well hidden secret.

When hackers break into their company's network, Lacy and Brandon walk into a trap where Brandon's past catches up with him. What will he risk to free himself in a gamble that Lacy's flirting has turned to love and grant him his secret Christmas wish?

My Thoughts
I must say that this is a very well written story that I just love a lot. It has everything a good story should have and need. What I like is the storyline that feels like real people in the real world and its not as sweet and perfect and It makes it better. I like the entire feeling in the book, the girl who lives her life and do wha she wants and somehow things she is free and happy and the guy who is miserable and dont think he deserves to be happy. And then mix in attraction and the unwillingness to let anyone in, specially behind the secrets. I counldnt stop reading this book when I started. It is a very hot and sexy book with sex and naughty parts in it and that is also very well written. it is dirty but it never gets to much and it dont take over the story. this is more than cheap porn that some stories turns out to be from time to time.

I love this christmas story and it is perfect when it is cold outside because it really warms you up and makes you hate persons in the book and also love them. at a few points I was very surprised about what happened next and about the outcome and I like that. Even if you know how parts will end there are so many weird things and twists in this plot that you can never relax. I can highly recommend this book.


Road to Blizzcon previous weekend part 1

Once again life and other things dont always work as you want to but now I will try to make a bit of an update of what has been going on.

1. I have started a new job, or well I have gotten more to do. I am a freelance translator and I try to be a author. So I have now started working on a tanslation project and it is going well but as always work takes time but I enjoy it. Looking for a freelancer who translate between Swedish English and Japanese? Contact me :)

2. This main post will be about previous weekend. I was at The big even Road to Blizzcon at O2 Arena in Prague. I was in heaven. World of Warcraft, Heartstone, Heros of the storm and a lot more. It was awesome. I love World of Warcraft and think I am pretty good but I suck when it comes to Arena so it was fun to see the European Championships and I picked up a few tips on the road. Want to start playing World of Warcraft? Let me know I can get you in on a good deal :P

It was all so awesome this weekend. i have so many things I want to post and pictures but I want it to be more structure and right now I dont feel like posting it! Ill do it tomorrow if I have a calm working day.

I have now started reading Wingless by Taylor Lavati, so I bet my next book review will be about that book :D