Thursday, 8 October 2015

Cole for Christmas - Kelly Collins (book review)

Okay I have to confess, Im so into christmas romance books at this moment. So here is another review of a great book. I started it this morning and well I have finished it. Couldnt put the book down.

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When Interior Designer Chloe Craig imagined Christmas, her mind overflowed with boisterous family gatherings, trees trimmed in twinkling lights, and doorways adorned with mistletoe. Using her infectious joy, she was determined to soften the heart of her new employer, Mr. Cole, and to bring warmth and cheer to his cold Aspen home.

New to Aspen, Chloe was resolute to start fresh, shaking off a past relationship betrayal. She saw the Cole assignment as her ticket to establish herself professionally, and despite the magnetic lure of Mr. Tall, Dark, and Delicious, she knew to keep her distance.

For real estate mogul, Elias Cole, a broken heart had vetoed celebrating Christmas for years. More Scrooge than Kris Kringle, he was desperate for help so he hired Chloe Craig to bring the once-loved Christmas joy to his home.

But when his personal life fell apart, he needed more than a decorator. He needed a miracle, and her name was Chloe.

Sometimes desire is simply too irresistible to give into, and attraction too hard to ignore. While some girls get presents for Christmas, others get Cole. Could a little Cole for Christmas be Chloe’s wish come true?

My Thoughts
I am so into christmas romance at this moment and I am already in holiday mood. It is weird but reading this books makes me happy. This book is brilliant. It is very well written and very funny. it all starts very innocent and funny and I was laughing and smiling a lot. THen it all gets complicated and sweet followed by more sweet and complicated and then well we all know how it ends… I like how this book is written, its the story line and how one thing leads to another in a natural way and the reaction of the characters in the book is so real that this story could be taken from real life. When you get the feeling off peaking into somone else life, then its a good book. I really feel for Cici and for Elias in an incredible way.

I am a christmas lover and loves everything about christmas and love to spread christmas joy to people around me so I see myself a lot like Cici and still I spend a lot of time with people who just hates Christmas, So this story is a bit of my life, How I already is thinking and planning christmas and they are fed up with just the thought of christmas is a few months away. Finding parts of you in books is important and I tend to do it in all books I read. There is so much of Cici in me, the love for christmas, her will of proving herself, moving away for some reason and so on. I have done the same and I still think I will do the same. I just wish I could celebrate christmas in a white wonderland like Aspen, even if I dont like skiing.

This is a lot more than a normal sensual christmas story. Christmas is in the center and it is a romance and a good love story but the storyline is different and good. This book has a good story that is hard to come by, the sex is not the center like in so many other books when it comes to Christmas romance books, even if of course there is part of it in the book.

I can really recommend this book to other. It is bloody brilliant and I will read it again. When I started reading I couldnt stop so I read it in one go. THe book is that good. Buy it, you will never regret it.

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