Thursday, 22 October 2015

First Kisses - Dina Littner (Review)

I got this short novel for a honest review and I am very happy about that. Thank you Dina. :) and even if you cant buy this, (yet?) I wanted to share it and share the love for this new author.

Jillian Ross has been best friends with Caden and James Buchanan since she moved next door ten years ago. Now teens, their friendship is as close as ever and about to get closer. It's the Fourth of July and time for the annual tradition of watching the town's fireworks from the treehouse in Jillian's backyard.

My Thoughts
So this is a very short story that I enjoyed a lot. it is funny and i sweet and a  bit romantic at the same time. I can see this as an introduction to a bigger work or a part of a collection of sweet teenage love novels.

I must say it is very well written and I didnt think I would enjoy it as much as I did. Normally short stories like this is not something I enjoy because I always want more, and sure I want more even after this, and even more than I thought because it is really awesome. but still, I see this story for what it is. A first finished story from a new author. if Dina keeps this work up, seh can go far.

I so enjoyed this story and I really recommend it to others. It has everything a short novel and/or a beginning for something better should have.

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