Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Road to Blizzcon previous weekend part 1

Once again life and other things dont always work as you want to but now I will try to make a bit of an update of what has been going on.

1. I have started a new job, or well I have gotten more to do. I am a freelance translator and I try to be a author. So I have now started working on a tanslation project and it is going well but as always work takes time but I enjoy it. Looking for a freelancer who translate between Swedish English and Japanese? Contact me :)

2. This main post will be about previous weekend. I was at The big even Road to Blizzcon at O2 Arena in Prague. I was in heaven. World of Warcraft, Heartstone, Heros of the storm and a lot more. It was awesome. I love World of Warcraft and think I am pretty good but I suck when it comes to Arena so it was fun to see the European Championships and I picked up a few tips on the road. Want to start playing World of Warcraft? Let me know I can get you in on a good deal :P

It was all so awesome this weekend. i have so many things I want to post and pictures but I want it to be more structure and right now I dont feel like posting it! Ill do it tomorrow if I have a calm working day.

I have now started reading Wingless by Taylor Lavati, so I bet my next book review will be about that book :D

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