Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Spicy Christmas Kisses: 11 Romances to Heat Up Your Holidays (Book review)

I have had so much to do and work is plenty and more will come but I have also been reading but not putting up reviews as I should so I will try to make some for the rest of the week. I will start with a bundle I got from one of the author, Rachelle Ayaa  for an honest review. I have reviewed a few of the novels before on this blog so I will not say to much about each individual story but more about the bundle itself.

You can buy the bundle here

This bundle contains 11 very well written, hot and spicy Christmas stories about love. The storyline is different even if they have similarity but so do all books you read in one way or another. The 11 authors of this bundle have done an amazing job when it comes to writing the stories because they have very well written story lines. You can follow the story and get to know the different characters each story have. You have a beginning and an end. What I do like is that they are not to short. A lot of bundles contains very short stories and sometimes its just a teaser for bigger work the authors do. That is not the case here. Every story is a book in itself and you can feel that while reading. This makes the bundle awesome and worth its money. You dont get 11 short, almost unfinished stories, you get 11 good, well written stories that makes you happy.

I dont love all the stories in this bundle. There are a few that, I cant relate to, but I still enjoyed reading them because they are good and the storyline is good, they where just not what I wanted. Maybe it is due to age or other things in my life vs. the characters life and story that made it hard for me to relate. Also it is impossible to love every story you read no matter how well written they are. Even if I didnt love all the stories I give this bundle a good review and 4 out of 5 stars because it really deserve it. This is a an awesome bundle with 11 awesome stories that is perfect now when christmas is getting closer. You do get a lot of christmas spirit and feeling when reading it so this is just perfect.

I can really recommend this bundle to everyone who wants some hot, spicy christmas stories that are well written and have good story lines.

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