Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Thousand Year Curse (A Curse Books Book 1) - Taylor Lavati (Book review)

So I finished another book. well I finished this last weekend but havent had time to wright about it until now. Its the first book in a series of 3. it is by one of my new favorite authors Taylor Lavati. :D

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Being a teenager isn't all fun and games for seventeen year old Ryder. After being thrown down the social hierarchy, Ryder Mason has one goal for her senior year- survive. 

Within the first month of school, Ryder goes from bullied teen to a cursed half goddess with two boyfriends. As if that wasn't enough, she travels into the Underworld to confront Hades about the curse and her missing mother. 

Ryder delves head first into a Godly world as her two knights fight to seek her approval, her best friend's loyalties are tested and people's true intentions are shown in the first Curse Books novel. 

*Author Disclaimer* Book contains adult situations. 
(For younger audiences skip chapter 16)

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book and the story that is very well written and is in some case uniqueue, or at least I havent read book with some of the elements of it. I dont want to give any spoilers so Im not gonna say more.

The characters are very well created and feels real. The main character is Ryder and I must confess I dont like her, she is a 17 year old spoild girl and one day things gets taken away from her and instead of growing up, she starts moaning and blaming the world. But sure she grows a little bit on me but most of the time I get so annoyed and she I really hates the way she acts. I screamed at my phone while reading it because I really felt she was stupid.

The main story itself isnt unique and I have read tones of similar stories. A love story about a girl and 2 guys and she dont know who to choose. Sounds familiar? just like that I can name at least 2 huge books that has become movies or TV shows. Parts of it felt like it was a bit of copy cat from other work like The Twilight Saga and Vampire Diaries. Even if it is inspired from that, I dont know, but its is still delievered in a good way and in a way that makes it different from above mentioned books/moviestv shows...

The language is good but I have read better from this author, and I know this is her first published novel and for being that, its good job but I do want more from it. This book is for young adults and I think it is very noticable but still there is no problem reading it as an adult. I am an adult reading and enjoying the book.

It is very hard to put down the book when you have started reading it and that is a good thing. I like books that has a natural good flow in them. The length of the book is perfect and I wouldnt add anything to this, the first book in the seriest or even take anything away from it.

I can recommend the book. It is very nice and the story is good. I cant give the book 5 stars because I feel there is something missing in it, and it is to similar to other work. But still a very readable and enjoyable book that I really can recommend to other, both adults and young adults.

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