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Take me home (Take Me Duet Book 2) - Stephanie Summers (book review)

So time for second review that I should have posted yesterday and its the second book in the Take me Duet series

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Ash London, front man for uber-successful rock band Ferrum, is happily living the life he always dreamed he could have with Lila Stephens. After working through Lila's traumatic past and Ash's trust issues, they've finally connected and life is good. One phone call changes everything though when Ash finds out the time off he was promised is being cut short. The stress of being on the road and away from Lila gets to Ash, and when a face from his past shows up, it turns his world upside down, dragging up past demons that he's chosen to keep from Lila. Would she look at him differently if she knew the truth? Will her love be enough to save him from himself?

My thoughts

I got this book for an honest review and this is the second part of the story and I must say thing book is better than the first one due to the storyline. THis book is more deeper in the story and the feelings. There are parts where I cried.

Even so I am not the biggest fan of the book, it felt like some of the dialouge in the book is forced and unnatural. Also I have the feeling that the author sometimes wanted it to be funny but I couldnt see the funny thing with it so it looses their.

This book connects the beginning of the first book which I find is good otherwise I would be very disapointed. The story flows well, a bit slow but nothing I can complain about.

This is the perfect ending to the story but I still dont reaally see the point of making two books like this. they could both be shortened and made into one book without loosing anything in it when it comes to story. So that is why I cant give the book full marks. This book is better than the first one, even if you need to read the first one to understand this one.

My review on Goodreads and my review on amazon

Take me on (Take Me Duet Book 1) - Stephanie Summers (book review)

Here is the first of the reviews I should have posted yesterday but didnt due to health issues. Im still far from fine but I have some spare energy to post them at least. The first on is the reviwe "Take me on" and its the first book in the series Take me. It is  book and second will be reviewed later.

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Ash London, front man for uber-successful rock band Ferrum, is over the lifestyle. He’s done with it all, yet finds himself going through the motions out of a sense of obligation to his fans, band, and crew members. He’s living the dream, but what he wants is to be a normal dude with an ordinary life far away from the touring scene. He could have any woman he wanted, but what he wants is someone who can look past the rock star—someone who will bust down the walls he’s built around himself and break free the man lying dormant within. 

Lila Stephens hasn’t had the best past. In fact, it’s been downright traumatic. After the death of her beloved grandmother, she picks up her life and moves to Brooklyn, NY to build a new life for herself. She’s given up on the notion of love and is content living alone with her beagle dog. 

Lila attends a party thrown by her best friend, Tori, who just happens to be the wife of Ferrum guitarist, Matty Tabor. As she’s ready to leave, a drunken man runs into her, sending her falling into the arms of Ash London. Will she stay there where it’s warm and comforting, or will she flee as her past threatens to taint any hope of happiness for the two of them? 

My Thoughts
I got this book for an honest review and you straight away find out that there is some complication going to happen and a huge drama going on and then you get to the story from the beginning and when you finish the book you are not done and the beginning makes sort of sence but you are missing so much so its not complete. This for me is a bit of a turn down. I like series and have no problem to read them but I like books with some kind of ending that connects to the beginning and this book dont. You have to read the second book to understand the first part of the book. I think it would have been better to skip the prolouge and just tell the story and make a litte better ending for this one and even then have a second book.

The style is written between two altering persons and at first I had no problem with it and thought it would be interesting to see the story from both the hot sexy rockstar and then girl who falls in love with him, but after a while it got pretty boring. It dont didnt give the depth I had wished for. It didnt give the book anything and I would have prefered another way of writing.

So the story itself isnt that bad, it is pretty interesting but very slow and I was bored part times of it. It felt like nothing is happening for the first part of the book, there where of course but as soon as anything was about to happen, it was ended so we never got any depth to it and it bored me out and i had parts where I thought I would fall asleep while other parts where brilliant.

I give the book 3 stars beause the book is readable and quite interesting and the story itself is interesting even if it is slow and could have been made more interesting.

You can also find me review on Goodreads and on amazon

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Sorry my faithful readers

I am sorry, I had plans of putting up reviews here for both the books in Take me Duet but due to health issues I have to wait until tomorrow.

There is promo inforrmation about the books just below this one, so stay tuned for the reviews untill tomorrow. I hope I dont make anyone upset but I have to think about my health first. I know you will understand! :)

Promo blast: Take me Duet - Stephanie Summers


Closure - Angela Ford (book review)

Another day and I will post a few reviews today and a bit of other stuff I hope you enjoy it. First is the book "Closure" by Angela Ford. Its a crime/love novel

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Closure – Gripping FBI Crime… 

Agent Jessica Resario’s compulsion to protect teens from online predators only puts her life into the hands of a serial killer. 

Old ghosts, secrets and an inevitable attraction to her boss, Tom, send her on an emotional roller coaster. 

Jess has mysteries of the past to solve and a serial killer to catch. Perhaps then she can confess her love… Forbidden continues the cyber-crime series. 

My Thoughts
I got this book fpor an honest review

This is a little short book that I really enjoyed reading becaue their where a great story you could follow and it gave you plent of surprises. I love how the story is both a good love story and a good crime story mixed together where not one part is missed. It feels real and it is very well written to make the reader drawn in and see the relationships. there is plenty of story and relationship in this book and it is a short story but still you dont feel like you are missing out on something, it is all perfectly made. As a reader you get to know everything you want to know without to much side tracking and that is something I enjoyed.

I couldnt put the book down when I started reading it. I was drawn in to the story and I just wanted to know how it all went and ended, both the crime and case they where working on and the love story and even i could say Finally in the end.

This is a very well written story that I really love and enjoyed reading. I can really recommend it because of the story and how it is written. It is just pure perfection for me.

Links to my reviews on Goodread and Amazon.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Robin Murphy Review tour

Sullivan's Secret - Robin Murphy (Bookreview)

I got this book as an ARC for an honest review and started reading the book straight away.

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Dr. Marie Bartek’s life is perfect as the veterinarian on Sullivan’s Island, until her ability to see spirits returns after eighteen years. After confiding in her best friend and realizing their interests in the paranormal, they organize a paranormal investigation team called Sullivan’s Island Paranormal Society, SIPS.

Marie learns to channel her ability through the help of one of the team members, and learns that the spirits are trying to warn her about the murders taking place on Sullivan’s Island. Sullivan’s Secret captivates the reader with murder, suspense, and the world of the paranormal.

My Thoughts
This story is very good it is a very interesting way to write a criminal novel. I liked the mix between paranormal, the police work, friendship and love. It is all very nicely balanced and gives the book a great depth and the story just flows and catches you and drags you in it.

This is the first novel in the series and I cant wait to read the others and to get the know the characters bette and to get involved with them again. They are very well written and feels real and the mix of them is just pure perfection. You get a little bit of everything.

there are some things I do not like and that takes on star away and it that it sometime where a lot of repetition and after a while it felt more like filling for the book. also I dont know if it is just my version but the layout and words who wasnt written porperly made it sometimes difficult to read.

The thing I dont really enjoy, but is very common among crime novells is that there is a lot about the story and the murdered and then the finally is like 1-2 chapters and really short. I can understand that you cant make it as a movie and I dont want it to be but it makes it a bit like an antiklimax. And this book has it but I still enjoyed this ending more than some other crime novels I have been reading and that makes it good.

This book is brillian and I think this is a must read book and I will read the other in the series as soon as I can. I love how the story works and how much feelings we get. I also like the paranormal aspect of the book and like to see this in a crime novel.

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Friday, 22 January 2016

Roaring Hot! (Contemporary Romance): A Billionaire Biker Romance by Rachelle Ayala (book review)

I talked to Rachelle Ayala the other day about my obsession about Japan and Japanese people and she told me she had written a book where she used Japan and Japanese people. I was complaining their isnt enough asian people in romance. So she suggested this book and OMG it is pure awesome.

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Motorcycle racer Teo Alexiou is challenged by his grandmother to come to her birthday party with a real girlfriend. He has plenty of party girls, and he fears getting roped into marriage so he hires an actress to play the part. 

The last thing Amy Suzuki wants is to be a kept woman, but her student loans are piling up and acting gigs are nonexistent. She agrees to Teo’s proposal for one summer, limited to public displays of affection. 

When Teo and Amy find themselves caught in love’s grip, their new desires war with their fears. Teo wants to renegotiate, but Amy insists she’s only with him because she is paid. She would never lose her heart to a man who uses money to buy affection. 

Their game playing explodes when Teo is injured on the track. Teo needs Amy, but how can she be sure of her true feelings when she’s an actress who can portray any emotion on command? Was her role in the reality show skillful acting or true love?

My Thoughts
I just simply love this story. This is not the typical romance or love story and that is one thing I like. first you have Teo the billionare biker who dont fall in love and on the other hand you have Ami who is a new actress who wants to get a good movie part. Their first meeting is far from sweet and after that is is a mix between sweet and not sweet becaue both of them is playing a role and refuses to let their guard down.

The story is complex and at first its hard to know if you like a person or not, I liked Ami because she refused to do thing that was wrong for her even if I sometimes feels she was selling herself out. She is somewhat a strong woman who wants to make it right for herself.

Teo on the other hand is hard to warm up to but after a while, when his story unfoldes it is a lot more easier and he is a really good character that I really really like and feel sorry for.

I like that the author has done a lot of research about Japan and how people from their act and there are scense from Japan and they are very well written, even if their is one of two things that isnt 100 correct, but that is things you only know if you have been there. But otherwise very nice and I love the ending of this book. It is so super and sweet.

So I need to say something about Oba-chan, Teos grandmother, she is turning 80 and use a computer and internet very well. Maybe not so believable but I can see it happens, specially in her situation who son and grandchildren all over the world. I also loved her and how she treated Teo and wanted the best for him. I have a grandmother, who isnt 80 but old, and she knows how to use a computer and internet and such so I dont find it as wierd as some people might do. I think it is what you are used to and how the person acts in general. I can say that oba-chan dont act like 80!

I can recommend this book, it has a very nice storyline, that is complex and gives you laughter from time to time. It is a love story but not a typical love story and that is something I love with Rachelle Ayalas books, they are lovestories but with a very good story and very well written. and the story is almost always different from what other people write and that is something I enjoy a lot.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Excerpt of: The Crazy Girl's Handbook by DelSheree Gladden

The Crazy Girl's Handbook by DelSheree Gladden
Spending the weekend babysitting her two nephews and a puppy was supposed to be fun. Sweating to death at a baseball game while getting gum in her hair, soda down her shirt, and an ice cream pedicure wasn't part of the deal. Neither was finding out the best guy she'd ever missed a blind date with had witnessed it all. Longest. Weekend. Ever. 


We looked both ways before crossing the street. Both boys held my hand and Thor stayed right at my heel with the leash wrapped around my wrist. The second we set foot on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, the boys took off and Thor made a valiant attempt at following them. Problem was, his leash was still looped around my wrist so I could hold the boys’ hands more easily. So when he lunged forward to follow, I didn’t have any control of the leash to stop him from taking me down.

Pain blossomed in more than one spot as my elbows and palms hit the cement and my head whacked into the decorative stone edging that lined the grass. Thor yelped as my dead weight kept him from getting any farther, then doubled back to see what was wrong and stomped all over me at least three times before settling on my head. By the time my senses cleared, I was so tangled in leash and puppy I couldn’t even figure out where to start. My head and arms throbbing didn’t help at all.

“Thor, get off,” a firm voice said.

I thought I wanted to die when I got gum in my hair, or soda ice down my shirt, or an ice cream pedicure. Those were nothing compared to having to be rescued from an over-enthusiastic puppy by Roman Carpenter while covered in dirt, grass, and blood. It was a miracle I didn’t give up right then and just start crying. I loved my nephews, but I was never going to be able to show my face in this neighborhood again.

The heavy weight of the squirming—and rather large—puppy was finally removed from my face. I heard Roman ask one of the boys to hold the leash, but I kept my eyes closed out of pure shame. Not until a pair of hands pressed against my face did I even dare to breathe. Even then, it was a gasp at the urgency behind the touch.

“Greenly, are you okay?” Roman demanded.

The hint of worry in his voice forced me to peel my eyelids apart. I peeked up at him through half-opened eyes and was startled not to find him laughing at me again. There was real, honest fear in his expression and it left me speechless.

“Are you okay?” he repeated.

Breathe, Greenly. “Yeah, uh huh. Yep.”

He just stared at me for a moment. Probably because I sounded ridiculous. “Are you sure?” he asked.

I tried to sit up in order to prove I was just fine. The sting of putting my hands on the ground made me hiss and I felt a little woozy when I tried to move.

“Whoa, whoa,” Roman said, which made me feel a little like a horse. “Don’t move. Let me help you.”

Great, just great. I tried again to sit up on my own. “Really, I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not,” Roman said as his arms slid beneath my arms and legs.

I experienced an irrational moment of panic, not because the idea of Roman carrying me off somewhere was frightening, but because being this close to him would expose everything about me I hadn’t already managed to bare. He lifted me easily and my breath caught as he adjusted his arms and I felt momentarily unsupported. Then his grip rolled me against his chest, to a place of absolute security. I don’t think I took a single breath as he walked up to the house.
About the Author
DelSheree Gladden was one of those shy, quiet kids who spent more time reading than talking. Literally. She didn't speak a single word for the first three months of preschool, but she had already taught herself to read. Her fascination with reading led to many hours spent in the library and bookstores, and eventually to writing. She wrote her first novel when she was sixteen years old, but spent ten years rewriting and perfecting it before having it published.

Native to New Mexico, DelSheree and her husband spent several years in Colorado for college and work before moving back home to be near family again. Their two children love having their seventeen cousins close by. When not writing, you can find DelSheree reading, painting, sewing and trying not to get bitten by small children in her work as a dental hygienist.
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An Unexpected Diversion - Vella Day (book review)

Finished reading a shifter romance novel today too so thought I would review it straight away.

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Warning: Contains explicit hot sex 

Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected. 

Cheyenne Snow has been given an ultimatum by her pack’s Alpha—who unfortunately is her father. Find a shifter husband in the next four months before he retires, or she’ll be forced to marry the unsavory Chuck Lord. Understanding that the odds of her meeting the deadline are slim, Chey decides to go out with a bang and find a human diversion. 

When Dr. Storm Durant comes to Hidden Hills, North Carolina, to take over the practice of a retiring physician, he never expects to be immediately drawn to the incredibly smart, sensual, and sassy Cheyenne Snow. He can’t even explain the intense attraction, but he willingly participates when she seduces him. 

The euphoria is cut dramatically short when Storm finds out that the woman he’s falling for is not only a shifter but is just using him to bide her time until she marries. 

Chey knows what she wants, and Storm can give her what she needs, but will it be forever or just a spring fling? 

My Thoughts
I love shifter stories and I like romance and this should be a good book and it was a quick read but still it didnt deliver what I hoped it would. The story started out great with Chey a cheat shifter who has got an ultimatume and finds Storm. So far, good plot and everything but then it is sex, sex and more sex. There isnt much story or plot in it and I think Chey and Storm spends more time naked than anything.

There is potential for a good story and a good plot but it is destroyed with all the sex scenes. I have nothing against sex scens in a book but this is mostly sex and very little or non plot at all and that destroy the book for me.

The shifter is also there but not as much. this is more a "problem" and its only in the end we get some more shifting and of course even mroe sex. The sex scenes isnt even well written. it feels like they are the same threwout the book with very little miagination.

I am disapointed in the book because I had hoped for something more. I want more story and more plot in my books than this story gave me.

the tales of Beedle the bard - J. K. Rowling (book review)

Need to write about a book I bought a while ago and decided to read now when I dont feel very well. Its "the tales of Beedle the bard" by J. K. Rowling. yes this is the book that they talk and read from in Harry Potter. The picture of the book is taken with a small part of my Harry Potter collection :)

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The Tales of Beedle the Bard is the volume of wizarding fairly tales left to Hermione Granger by Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore in the seventh and final book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The tales contained clues that were to prove crucial to Harry Potter's final mission to destroy Lord Voldemort, but only one of the five stories - The Tale of the Three Brothers - was recounted in theat book.

My Thoughts
Everyone who has read Harry Potter or has seen the movies has heard of this book. It is a book from the wizarding world with stories told to children, like muggle-borns Cinderella and so on. THe format of this book is cute and suites it puropes perfectly and inside it is short-ish stories witten in big letter with dubble space and pictures. This however do not not something bad, this is how it is supposed to be if you think of it as a childrens story book.

The stories is very different than what we normally is used to. in stead of having a a girl who is the victime and a prince who save her, we have strong females who dont wait around for a man to save them, with one expertation. This is something I enjoy a lot because I can see it make women and girls stronger and not waiting for a man to do everything for them. I enjoy the female characters so much and they are smart and funny.

The stories itself is very good written with a language who is fittet for young witches and wizards and it shows in the language that is used. For me as an adult, this dont matter because I know what I am reading, a childs story books. We also have comments from non other than Albus Dumbledore and this is very funny and shows how brilliant he it.

In this book is of  course the story of "the three brothers" a story I know by heart already before reading this book and it is good to have it in this book too. It made it feel complete and gave me what I wanted.

So do I like this book? No I love it. It is something that I think a lot of us Harry Potter fans have wanted. The stories from Beedle the Bard in a book that is fittet for young witches and wizards. J.K. Rowling gave us exactly what we needed and there is nothing bad to say about this book. I really enjoyed it and if I have children in the future, this is story I will read to them.

Excerpt of Valentine Hound Dog by Rachelle Ayala

Valentine Hound Dog by Rachelle Ayala
Former fireman Larry Davison covers his burn scars well, by working at an elementary school as a custodian where he finds a lost hound dog behind the dumpster. Fashion designer Jenna Hart is in town to do a charity fashion show when she loses her top model, Little Treat. When Larry turns up with the puppy, she asks him to be in the show and bachelor auction. Larry’s not sure he belongs in a fashion show and balks at being her good deed. Can Jenna convince Larry beauty is never skin deep and love's arrow strikes not only the beautiful, but the bold?

Unfortunately, now that Connor was promoted to chief, he didn’t hang out as much anymore, which meant Larry was facing a Friday night with a TV dinner in front of a basketball game. A piercing wind blew as he lifted the dumpster lid, threatening to blow it down. Larry held the lid with one hand and hefted the trash bag into it. Letting the lid slam, he turned toward the warmth of the building. Something moved near the dumpster, darting behind it. Probably a rat. He should set traps, but not tonight. The wind whined and howled as he opened the door. Another whine and something furry touched the back of his leg. It was a puppy, likely a basset hound, with a brown and black patchwork face and white paws. “What’cha doing here, boy?” Larry bent down and held his hand out for the puppy to sniff. There was no collar, but the puppy appeared well groomed and plump. “Did you get lost?” The puppy licked his hand, and Larry scooped him up. “I bet you’re hungry. Tomorrow I’ll put up a poster. See if anyone lost you.” He rubbed the puppy’s head and long ears while the puppy licked his jowls and yawned. How could he resist such cuteness? # # # “I can’t believe I lost him,” Jenna cried on the phone to her sister, Melisa. “One minute, he was following me to your apartment building, and the next minute he disappeared.” “Following you?” Melisa glanced at Rob who was driving her home from work. “Didn’t you have him on a leash?” “The leash and collar were in the shopping bag. I don’t have five hands. I was carrying him and then when I got to the security door, I had to put him down to punch in the code.” “Couldn’t you have set the bags down?” “No, that little rascal would have stuck his nose in and stolen a chicken strip.” “Rob and I are on our way. You stay put and we’ll help you look.” “Okay, hurry. It’s getting dark, and he’s only a tiny little puppy. I’ve already run all around your building but no one’s seen him.” “Maybe he went back home. Where did you get him?” “The rescue center down near where you work. But there’s no way he could have made it back. He’s so tiny and there’s so much traffic.” “Don’t worry, we’ll find him,” her sister said. “We’re almost home.” “Good. I don’t know how much more stress I can take. What with the show, the firemen not cooperating, and now my model gone.” “Model? Which one?” “Little Treat, the puppy.” Jenna couldn’t help pulling at her hair. “He’s my signature piece.” “Signature piece? Wait? What about the gowns and the outfits?” “Those are a mess. I need to get back home and sew, sew, sew.” “Then what are you doing with a puppy?” Her sister’s voice took on a motherly, or was it a teacherly, tone. How was it that Melisa was younger than her and so calm? “He’s supposed to be Connor’s bribe so the firemen can undress for my show!” Jenna wailed. “Now, the show will be a flop, all because I lost Little Treat.”

About the Author

Rachelle Ayala is a bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Her foremost goal is to take readers on a shared emotional journey with her characters as they grow and become more true to themselves. Rachelle believes in the power of love to overcome obstacles and feels that everyone should find love as often as possible, especially if it's within the pages of a book. Her book, Knowing Vera, won the 2015 Angie Ovation Award, and A Father for Christmas garnered a 2015 Readers' Favorite Gold Award.

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A Monster Call - Patrick Ness (book review)

Gor my hands on this book yesterday and finished it today. This will also be a move during 2016...

Buy it as paperback here

At seven minutes past midnight, thirteen-year-old Conor wakes to find a monster outside his bedroom window. But it isn't the monster Conor's been expecting-- he's been expecting the one from his nightmare, the nightmare he's had nearly every night since his mother started her treatments. The monster in his backyard is different. It's ancient. And wild. And it wants something from Conor. Something terrible and dangerous. It wants the truth

From the final idea of award-winning author Siobhan Dowd-- whose premature death from cancer prevented her from writing it herself-- Patrick Ness has spun a haunting and darkly funny novel of mischief, loss, and monsters both real and imagined.

My Thoughts
I didnt have very high hopes for this book when I read about it but I still decided to give it a chance and that is nothing I regret. This book is so filled with feelings and I dont think it can leave anyone untouched.  There are parts where I laughed and also parts where I cried. 

The book has a very heavy subject and it deals with it in a very good and interesting way. If you are a a child in your early teens or even anyone who has to live with someone who is very ick, this book can give comforts and also show a way how to deal with things. 

This book is... something I cant even explain. I really love this book in a way that I cant describe. the subject and how it is written is just perfect. I also love the Brittish English that is used in this book and you can see you are in UK even if it is never said. If you are used to American English, this book may be weird or even hard to understand but I love that it has this charm to it and I had no problem with it.

I can really recommend this book. It is just awesome.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Golden Compass: His Dark Materials 1 - Philip Pullman (book review)

I got this book for christmas and I couldnt wait to start reading it and here is the review of it

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Lyra Belacqua is content to run wild among the scholars of Jodan College, with her daemon familiar always by her side. But the arrival of her fearsome uncle, Lord Asriel, draws her to the heart of a terrible struggle—a struggle born of Gobblers and stolen children, witch clans and armored bears. And as she hurtles toward danger in the cold far North, Lyra never suspects the shocking truth: she alone is destined to win, or to lose, this more-than-mortal battle. 

Philip Pullman's award-winning The Golden Compass is a masterwork of storytelling and suspense, critically acclaimed and hailed as a modern fantasy classic.

My thoughts
I firt read this book a few years back but in my native language and now I got it in English for Christmas. I started reading it and it is way better in the original language. The story is so well written and it is spellbinding. Their is a clear read thread but with so many things going on and you never get tired of it. It is breathtaking with good descriptions, tears, hope, joy, and fear.

It is a clear young adult fantasy book but as an adult you will love it too. It is a modern fantasy and it is so well written and explored and you just dive in, in this amazing story and find youself trapped. Lyra, gobblers, deamons, kidnaped children, and everything else you can just imagine and everything is about Dust.

For me, the language is perfect, its not to easy and not to hard. I find the language enjoyable and I, as not an English native, learn new words and things. It is written in a special way and for me it is both good and wierd but it challenge my view of how to tell a story,

This book has an ending even if it is open for the second part of it and I just hope it is as good as this one. And I can imagine a lot of people have seen the move, but forget the movie, it has barly nothing to do with the book. The movie sucks but the book is so awesome. How could they have made such a bad movie from this awesome book?

If you havent read this book, you have missed something because it is pure awesomeness. I cant wait to get my hands on the other 2 books in the series.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Lord Blackwood's Virgin (Wedding Night Diaries Book 1) - Vivienne Wilmont (book review)

So today has been a busy day with work but I have gotten some reading and writing in and here is a review of one of them . Its "Lord Blackwood's Virgin" (Wedding Night Diaries Book 1) - Vivienne Wilmont

I got this book becaue it was an historical romance which I like, it sounded good and have the reviews where good for it.

Buy it as ebook here

A sacrificial virgin upon the altar of a demon cult. A handsome lord to rescue her. A wedding. An eager bridegroom. An innocent bride. 

Lord Blackwood embarks into matrimony with his virginal bride with great anticipation. He knows one thing is true. Before the night is over his lovely obsession will be a virgin no more. 

The WEDDING NIGHT DIARIES are a series of fan-fiction inspired short stories giving the reader a "behind-the-keyhole" account of the wedding night adventures of some famous couples you may already know, but if you don't you'll soon know a lot more about them than you ever imagined. *snickering* 

This book is intended for mature readers 18 years and older due to language and scenes of an intimate nature. *more snickering*

My Thoughts
I love to read historic romance books so when I got my hands on this one I was really happy until I started reading it.  well the first chapter is really good and gives a great start and big hopes but after that it is only about sex and it dont even feel realistic or fitted for the time. I like when there is a story you can follow where the romance is a part of it, this was just sex with an inch of story.

Also there where a lot of repetition so even if this is a very short novel or book, it could easy be a lot shorter without all the repetition that makes me bored. and the languge use is not fitted for the time period and sometimes I get offended and angry about the word use in the book.

I wished and hoped for a really good book or short novel but no, for me this was just painfully boring. This is, according to me, pretty badly written not time realistic porn. Its not the worst book I have been reading but not the best either. mostly it bored me out and it didnt leave me with anything and I dont think I will remember this book or the fact that I have been reading it.

So I would in the end give the book 2 stars out of 5

BTW: The cover is absolutly beautiful

Monday, 4 January 2016

“Playing catch: a Baseball novel” by Rachelle Ayala (book review)

“Playing catch: a Baseball romance” novel is no ordinary book and not an ordinary love story. Its the story about how two people fall in love, and have trouble with it due to so different pasts.

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Short storyline
Jeanine is a very troubled young woman who has been sexual abused by her adoptiv father from a very young age. this makes her see relationship in a different light and this also trouble her a lot. Kirk is a sex addict who tried to change his ways and his life. But will their love survive their backgrounds? and how will the other person take the news of the past?

My thoughts
I dont know where to start about this book more than that this is not like any other love story I have ever read.This has not one, but two very heavy subjects even if both is about sex. I felt angry, sad, upset and discused when I read the book and I think that you cant read this book without feeling anything. It do get to you and I read this as an on nighter and well I couldnt sleep after due to images of what I read appearing in my head. This book really got to me and I am still thinking about it and how it effects me.

The book is very well written and you can feel how real it is. There is so many people who suffer from this things and this book really shows their lives and, I think, how they feel and still the book may make them feel better and give them new hope. It really shows that love is stong and can overcome the most horrible things if you just are willing to try and fight for it.

I can say that this book is not for the weak minded people who want a sweet story, it is much much more than that. This is a really heavy subject where love is a part of it, what keeps it together. No matter what I am gonna say will sound wrong right about now, because I really enjoyed reading the book and I am really really inlove with the book and the story even due to how horrible the events is, specially the child abuse. I am now talking about how the book is written and the story and how it is all linked together and makes the reader feel and cry. I am happy that there is different types of love stories and not the sweet once we normally read. We or maybe I should say I, need other kinds of stories too and this is what makes the scale even.

I really can recommend this book to other readers but I also need to warn about that it is graphic and will upset the reader in so many ways.

Ficitonal interview with Lindsey and Sam "For the love of Hockey"

Before For The Love of Hockey takes place

1. What is your greatest achievement?
Lindsay: I would definitely say the biggest thing I’ve ever done was open up my boutique store, The Wilson Wardrobe. I did an internship in New York City after college, and learned so much from my mentor. When I came back to take care of my siblings I decided that I didn’t want to work for anyone. I started searching for clothes I liked and stockpiled them in my tiny apartment and when I had enough inventory, I opened with my best friend, Janell.
Finn: Competing in the last winter Olympics. I was the youngest player on the team, and I was on the second line, but I scored a goal against Canada and I swear, there is no feeling like scoring in a high pressure game. And the Olympics is the top of the competition. There’s no where up from there.

2. Who is the greatest love of your life?
Lindsay: Well, that’s a little personal. I’m single, and I have been for six years. I don’t believe in true love. I love my siblings a lot, more than any guy. That’s it. Just my siblings and I.
Finn: Lindsay Wilson. She was my high school sweetheart, and I had to let her go. Well, I didn’t have to, but at the time I thought it was the right thing to do. She needed to stay with her siblings and I needed to become a hockey star. But I still love her, and I probably always will.

3. What is your greatest fear?
Lindsay: Being alone or not needed.
Finn: Being alone. Not being enough for someone.

4. Who is the one person you most despise?
Lindsay: Finnley Jacobs. *Shrugs* Sorry, is that mean?
Finn: I don’t despise anyone. Life’s too short to have hate in your heart.

5. What is your biggest regret?
Lindsay: Trusting someone who didn’t deserve it. I learned my lesson, and ever since, I protect myself. My brain comes first and feelings come second. Ever since, my business has been booming and my life is back on track. I had a lapse once when I thought I could take life by the pants and run around, following someone I thought I loved. But now I understand how stupid I was.
Finn: Letting her go six years ago. I did it for the both of us, but now I think I should’ve been selfish and kept her to myself.

6. What’s a quality you look for most in a woman/man?
Lindsay: Communication. I don’t like being blindsided.
Finn: Trust.

7. Which living person do you most admire?
Lindsay: I don’t have a lot of admirable people around me. If I had to pick someone, I’d say my youngest sister Lilly. We didn’t have an easy life, but I swear to god, she’s going to be President some day. She’s inspiring to anyone.
Finn: My dad. He inspired me, pushed me, and supported me my whole life.

8. If you could change one trait about yourself, what would it be?
Lindsay: Too-trusting. I’ve been trying to change that about myself, but it’s a long process.
Finn: Goal-driven. It’s worked in my advantage my entire life, but lately it just seems like I need to stop and breathe and think. I missed a lot of time because I was so focused on hockey.

9. If you died and came back as an animal, what would you be?
Lindsay: Momma lion. I protect those I love fiercely but you screw with me once, and your ass is dead.
Finn: Penguin. I’m a little fun, love the cold, but can’t fly. Actually, I don’t know why I said penguin, but I just feel like it suits me. There’s something trusting and loving and cute about a penguin. That’s me.

10. What is your most treasured possession?
Lindsay: My store. I don’t really have a lot of objects I love or remind me of past events. My childhood wasn’t exactly ideal. The only thing I have that is truly mine is my store. I love everything about it.
Finn: The hockey stick I used my senior year of highschool. Not only did I have one of the best athletic performances that year, but it reminds me of quieter times, happier times. I didn’t have the stressed I do back then. The stick reminds me of someone, too.


"I avoided you for six years, so I can do it again.”

“What if I don’t let you this time?”

“It’s not your choice, Finn. You made yours a long time ago. You left me after I gave you everything. Sorry, I don’t want to be friends. I don’t want to be anything. I want to get through my brother’s wedding and move on. Okay? Do you understand?”

“Yeah, Linds. I understand. I don’t agree, though.”

“Well, I don’t care what you think.”

“Let me be there for you. I won’t push for anything more than friends, but I want to know you again.” I sounded like a baby, but I needed to know her. It was this nagging urge that always lived in the back of my head and now that she was in front of me, my career was shit, and I had more time to think, I seriously regretted ever letting her go. I just wanted to know who she was now. Being a stranger to Lindsay was like not knowing myself. I never really felt complete.

“Finn, stop. Don’t you get that this hurts me, too? Just seeing you makes me feel like I’m going to puke.”

“Stop being dramatic.” I rolled my eyes at her. “I highly doubt that I literally make you sick. I’m not that terrible looking.”

She shot me a glare that I so wanted to see. I had missed the angry looks that weren’t really angry. She was a big faker, a drama queen. I loved getting her a little frazzled just to see how far those buttons could be pushed. She was more honest, and it got her relaxed. She needed to step out of her shell and drop some of her walls.

“You’re pretty bad, though,” she joked.

“Friends, Linds? Is that too much to ask?”

“Yeah, Finn. It is.”