Tuesday, 12 January 2016

An Unexpected Diversion - Vella Day (book review)

Finished reading a shifter romance novel today too so thought I would review it straight away.

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Warning: Contains explicit hot sex 

Sometimes the best things in life are unexpected. 

Cheyenne Snow has been given an ultimatum by her pack’s Alpha—who unfortunately is her father. Find a shifter husband in the next four months before he retires, or she’ll be forced to marry the unsavory Chuck Lord. Understanding that the odds of her meeting the deadline are slim, Chey decides to go out with a bang and find a human diversion. 

When Dr. Storm Durant comes to Hidden Hills, North Carolina, to take over the practice of a retiring physician, he never expects to be immediately drawn to the incredibly smart, sensual, and sassy Cheyenne Snow. He can’t even explain the intense attraction, but he willingly participates when she seduces him. 

The euphoria is cut dramatically short when Storm finds out that the woman he’s falling for is not only a shifter but is just using him to bide her time until she marries. 

Chey knows what she wants, and Storm can give her what she needs, but will it be forever or just a spring fling? 

My Thoughts
I love shifter stories and I like romance and this should be a good book and it was a quick read but still it didnt deliver what I hoped it would. The story started out great with Chey a cheat shifter who has got an ultimatume and finds Storm. So far, good plot and everything but then it is sex, sex and more sex. There isnt much story or plot in it and I think Chey and Storm spends more time naked than anything.

There is potential for a good story and a good plot but it is destroyed with all the sex scenes. I have nothing against sex scens in a book but this is mostly sex and very little or non plot at all and that destroy the book for me.

The shifter is also there but not as much. this is more a "problem" and its only in the end we get some more shifting and of course even mroe sex. The sex scenes isnt even well written. it feels like they are the same threwout the book with very little miagination.

I am disapointed in the book because I had hoped for something more. I want more story and more plot in my books than this story gave me.

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