Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Closure - Angela Ford (book review)

Another day and I will post a few reviews today and a bit of other stuff I hope you enjoy it. First is the book "Closure" by Angela Ford. Its a crime/love novel

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Closure – Gripping FBI Crime… 

Agent Jessica Resario’s compulsion to protect teens from online predators only puts her life into the hands of a serial killer. 

Old ghosts, secrets and an inevitable attraction to her boss, Tom, send her on an emotional roller coaster. 

Jess has mysteries of the past to solve and a serial killer to catch. Perhaps then she can confess her love… Forbidden continues the cyber-crime series. 

My Thoughts
I got this book fpor an honest review

This is a little short book that I really enjoyed reading becaue their where a great story you could follow and it gave you plent of surprises. I love how the story is both a good love story and a good crime story mixed together where not one part is missed. It feels real and it is very well written to make the reader drawn in and see the relationships. there is plenty of story and relationship in this book and it is a short story but still you dont feel like you are missing out on something, it is all perfectly made. As a reader you get to know everything you want to know without to much side tracking and that is something I enjoyed.

I couldnt put the book down when I started reading it. I was drawn in to the story and I just wanted to know how it all went and ended, both the crime and case they where working on and the love story and even i could say Finally in the end.

This is a very well written story that I really love and enjoyed reading. I can really recommend it because of the story and how it is written. It is just pure perfection for me.

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