Monday, 4 January 2016

“Playing catch: a Baseball novel” by Rachelle Ayala (book review)

“Playing catch: a Baseball romance” novel is no ordinary book and not an ordinary love story. Its the story about how two people fall in love, and have trouble with it due to so different pasts.

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Short storyline
Jeanine is a very troubled young woman who has been sexual abused by her adoptiv father from a very young age. this makes her see relationship in a different light and this also trouble her a lot. Kirk is a sex addict who tried to change his ways and his life. But will their love survive their backgrounds? and how will the other person take the news of the past?

My thoughts
I dont know where to start about this book more than that this is not like any other love story I have ever read.This has not one, but two very heavy subjects even if both is about sex. I felt angry, sad, upset and discused when I read the book and I think that you cant read this book without feeling anything. It do get to you and I read this as an on nighter and well I couldnt sleep after due to images of what I read appearing in my head. This book really got to me and I am still thinking about it and how it effects me.

The book is very well written and you can feel how real it is. There is so many people who suffer from this things and this book really shows their lives and, I think, how they feel and still the book may make them feel better and give them new hope. It really shows that love is stong and can overcome the most horrible things if you just are willing to try and fight for it.

I can say that this book is not for the weak minded people who want a sweet story, it is much much more than that. This is a really heavy subject where love is a part of it, what keeps it together. No matter what I am gonna say will sound wrong right about now, because I really enjoyed reading the book and I am really really inlove with the book and the story even due to how horrible the events is, specially the child abuse. I am now talking about how the book is written and the story and how it is all linked together and makes the reader feel and cry. I am happy that there is different types of love stories and not the sweet once we normally read. We or maybe I should say I, need other kinds of stories too and this is what makes the scale even.

I really can recommend this book to other readers but I also need to warn about that it is graphic and will upset the reader in so many ways.

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