Thursday, 28 January 2016

Take me home (Take Me Duet Book 2) - Stephanie Summers (book review)

So time for second review that I should have posted yesterday and its the second book in the Take me Duet series

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Ash London, front man for uber-successful rock band Ferrum, is happily living the life he always dreamed he could have with Lila Stephens. After working through Lila's traumatic past and Ash's trust issues, they've finally connected and life is good. One phone call changes everything though when Ash finds out the time off he was promised is being cut short. The stress of being on the road and away from Lila gets to Ash, and when a face from his past shows up, it turns his world upside down, dragging up past demons that he's chosen to keep from Lila. Would she look at him differently if she knew the truth? Will her love be enough to save him from himself?

My thoughts

I got this book for an honest review and this is the second part of the story and I must say thing book is better than the first one due to the storyline. THis book is more deeper in the story and the feelings. There are parts where I cried.

Even so I am not the biggest fan of the book, it felt like some of the dialouge in the book is forced and unnatural. Also I have the feeling that the author sometimes wanted it to be funny but I couldnt see the funny thing with it so it looses their.

This book connects the beginning of the first book which I find is good otherwise I would be very disapointed. The story flows well, a bit slow but nothing I can complain about.

This is the perfect ending to the story but I still dont reaally see the point of making two books like this. they could both be shortened and made into one book without loosing anything in it when it comes to story. So that is why I cant give the book full marks. This book is better than the first one, even if you need to read the first one to understand this one.

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