Thursday, 18 February 2016

Choice of Enemies: A Nathan Monsarrat Thriller - M.A. Richards (book review)

Time for another book review that I got as an ARC reader :)

A tale of greed, betrayal, and vengeance, CHOICE OF ENEMIES is the first in a series of espionage novels featuring Nathan Monsarrat, a retired Central Intelligence Agency deep cover operative with an extensive knowledge of black gold and expertise in weapons, women, and Benjamins.

Light sweet crude is the mother's milk of the Niger Delta. As the price for each barrel of oil rises on the international markets and the stakes for securing the black gold increase, a consortium of American oil companies and the Central Intelligence Agency plot to secure the flow of the crude. In Africa, though, plans unravel as quickly as cheap socks, and promises between partners have the lifespan of a mayfly.

Nathan, now a Dean at a small college in Massachusetts, is visited by his former mentor at the Agency, who offers him a blunt choice: either travel to the Dark Continent to lay the groundwork for the coup d'etat, or condemn the woman who saved his life to a brutal execution. Out of options, he returns to Africa, where he discovers that the Agency plans to reward his services with an oil soaked grave.

Assisted by a coterie of new and old allies, including a beautiful vorwith a thirst for power and a yeshiva bocher with a fondness for Armani suits, as well as his own sharp intelligence, considerable wit, and substantial charm, Nathan parries the Agency, circumvents the consortium, and exacts his own vengeance. In doing so, he learns that his choice of friends is as important as his choice of enemies."

My Thoughts
I had never heard of  M.A. Richards beforeI got the chance to read this book. I am happy I got the chance to read something from a new author and this book is very good and interesting with a very well developed story. The story drags you in and it is easy to follow the story and what is happening in the book.

Even if the book is good, I have a feeling that something is missing and I have been thinking about it for a few days and I think what I miss in the story is that little extra that you get from authors who has written a few books. What this book is missing is what a lot of first time books are missing and it that experience and that the author dare to do stuff with the material. This is not always something bad, and I dont say it is a big problem in this case but I do miss it in this book when I am reading it.

I can say that I have big hopes for M.A. Richards as an author and for future novels and crime books. This story makes it clear that more is to come and I think that M.A. Richards is an author who has the potential to be big with a little experience.

I can recommend this book because it is well written with a well developed story. I enjoyed every second I was reading the book and I do not regret reading it and I cant wait for more from M.A. Richards in the future!

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