Wednesday, 24 February 2016

clarification: HONEST reviews

So reacently people have started wondering about my reviews and Yes I do read a lot and I review what  I have read. All my reviews are HONEST! If I like or love a book I say so, if I dont like it I say so.

Favorite authors
Everyone have favorite authors, and so do I as a reviewer. No it dont mean that I automaticly will give their works 5/5 stars reviews IF they dont deserve it. I have favorite authors that have written some shitty books and I say so and their is authors that I love that are pretty new and I like their works so far and give them good reviews but not all of them is 5 start reviewss.

Buying Reviews
The thing I hear the most is that I get "bought" and I get books and stuff for doing 5 starts reviews and that is NOT true. I will never ever be bought with book/stuff or money for a review. I ONLY do HONEST reviews. If anyone tried to buy me I will thanksfully decline the author and the books. I havent meet an author who have tried to buy me and I think that is very uncommon, its just that people THINK as a reviewer I get free stuff.

Yes there is A LOT of free books out there and I have loads of them but I have as many as i have PAID for. When a book is free its not paying for it. I have been given books as ARC (advanced readers copy) for an HONEST review. And I always give an honest review which a lot of authors semse to like and thank me for.

So that was it. I just wanted to clarify this, it is a shame I have to clarify that I am not bought and will never be bought. I beta read, I do ARCS and I always give my thoughts. I have won books from authors and got swag with it, I get books I have beta read and swags as thanks for the work done. But it is not for 5 star reviews. its for honest reviews, and thoughts.

The reviewing book gives me NO money. I havent earned anything by reviewing more than friends... I spend money to be able to do this I WORK full time to pay bills, books and normal things like any other person. I am also a part time student which cost money. So before you think reviewers get paid or bought for the reviews, think again. this is our hobby and not something we do to earn money.

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