Thursday, 25 February 2016

Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences - Muffy Wilson (book review)

So the last review of the day (I think). This is also the second review from Muffy Wilson and it is very different from the other one.

SHE, young, educated - a woman of substance - wore a flowing, form-fitted white gown that tumbled in silken folds and revealed her breath in the soft rise of her alabaster breasts. Her eyes reflected an emerald depth as her heartbeat declared the rhythm of her life in her temples. The fragrance of a white gardenia, nestled in the curves of her auburn curls, announced her arrival as she glided elegantly to her aisle and settled, like a dove, into her corner seat.

HE, a towering self-assured giant of a black man, chest broad and arms outstretched in opulent black leather, was majestic. Dark mahogany eyes locked irresistibly onto her and declared his desire. His full baritone filled the opera house with harmony and the musical seduction began.

His hypnotic gaze met her heated blush with hunger.

THAT insatiable night wove them irretrievably together, locked in a magnetic embrace riding moonbeams of passion and ribbons of desire. Would the seeds of love planted that night, a decade earlier, prove strong enough to bear her life and death struggle?

Would the only man she could turn to help, as the secrets of the past reveal her betrayal?

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed reading this book because it is very well written and has a very good storyline. I like the mix of romance and erotica in this book. The language is good and it helps to drive the story and as a reader I appreciate a good language in a book.

The characters in this book is very well written and felt so real and awesome. I could easy connect with the characters in the book on so many levels. I liked the development of the characters in the book, you can see and feel how they grow along with the story and you see them grow.

If you like romance and erotic novels BUT with a great story, then this is a book you would love and should read. The book is really great and it has ended up on my wishlist because I want it as a paperback. This is how good I think the book is.


  1. Again, you so flatter me, I hardly know how to react!! I am a bit blushing and gefletched about such awesome praise, but I am also dancing on the inside and screaming out loud! Thank you so much. To receive two 5* reviews on my first two books is an honor I will always cherish. I so appreciate you taking the time not only to read my work, but to write about your thoughts on the story. I love this story and am also writing a sequel, Ribbons of Moonbeams, which should be done this summer about the rest of the story and what happens to Lily. I love Lily and am so glad you did too. Blessings from SW Florida. ~ Muffy xo

    1. Im so happy you like my reviews. I really enjoyed reading the two books and cant wait to read more from you and book in the series :) I also liked that you took time to read the reviews and write a comment. it makes me want to continue writing reviews :) THank you :)