Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The Crazy Girl's Handbook - DelSheree Gladden (book review)

I just realised that I have forgotten to post this book review here on my blog.

Watching her two nephews and a puppy named Thor for the weekend was supposed to be fun for Greenly Kendrick. Sweating to death at a never-ending baseball game while getting gum in her hair, soda down her shirt, and an ice cream pedicure wasn’t part of the deal. Neither is finding out the best blind date she’s ever stood up is there to witness it all. 

Longest. Weekend. Ever. 

Except it doesn’t stop at one crazy weekend. Embarrassment turns into mortification, a head wound, and being patch up by her amused knight in shining armor. 

Roman Carpenter can’t help laughing at Greenly’s mishaps, but for some reason, he sticks with her through it all. At least, until his ex-wife shows up and starts causing trouble. What started off as a strange, yet promising relationship, might be able to survive spiteful exes, but adding in a stalker that puts everyone on edge and pulls the police into the mix, might push everyone past their breaking point.

My Thoughts
I must say that I loved it from the very first word until the very end. It was so funny and I laughed a lot and it is also a very sweet short romance story. The mix between the humour and the romance is a perfect balance. this is really a book to brighten your day and your valentine.

The characters is very well developed and felt so real. This could be real people in a real day to day situation. I really really enjoyed reading this short story because it was so real and funny. When one funny thing after the ohter happens you cant help but to feel both love and feel sorry for the character.

This story is just amazing and so funny and sweet at the same time. This is a must read.

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