Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Remingtons: Blush of Love - Rachelle Ayala (book review)

I read this book a while ago but havent uploaded the review (im sorry) but I thought it was time now :)

Talented video game designer Safire Chu is gun-shy when it comes to dating real men, especially since she spends all her time shooting at their avatars.

Football player, Gunner Gibson, needs a high level multiplayer video game account, and none of his buddies are willing to give theirs up. Gunner enlists the help of his publicist, Safire’s sister, who offers to steal her superuser account if he’ll take Safire to a New Year’s Eve party.

A bit of champagne and the countdown to the ball drop loosens Safire’s inhibitions. When her company’s newest secret game is pirated, Safire wonders if the man she’s fallen for at first blush is not all he seems.

My Thoughts
This is a story about how two gaming nerd can find love in the most strange way. It is a fairytale that you either love or hate and I love it even if I hate one of the main characters but my hate for him makes the story awesome. It iss a very well written story that takes your breath away and it do not leave you untouched. It has everything you can think of in a perfect mix.

I myself is a nerd, and I am a gaming nerd but not only. I found this story really good and I can pick things from it into real life. How you fall in love with a person online and how you also fall in love with the same person outside of the game. Happened to me…

The story is so well written and interesting and you cant stop reading it when you finally starting it. I read it on my way home from holiday and I have never felt a flight that is so long to be so short. The book keept me occupide and the world around me faded when I read it. This is a must to read book.

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