Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Dare To Love Series: London with a Dare (Kindle Worlds Novella) - Jennifer Conner and Angela Ford

I have had real trouble with my accessing my blog now for a few days so that means I have loads of reviews to post. I will try to get a few done today and a few tomorrow but the next few days will mean loads of reviews for book I have been reading and will be reading.

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Chapple Palmer is the captain of one of the top soccer teams in the world, the London Lions. He should get more respect, but due to bad press he has a bad boy reputation in the British tabloids that he can’t seem to shake. In fact, he's even beginning to believe the things they say about him. Chapple knows his playing days are numbered and the last thing he needs is to be stuck babysitting an American billionaire, Ian Dare and his wife, who are there to promote Dare's American football team's exhibition game in London. 

Elisha Sheppard is fairly new at being the Dare's scheduling assistant. She knows how important it is to stay professional and detail oriented at every moment. So why is Elisha letting herself be distracted by Chapple Palmer who she can guess is nothing but trouble, not to mention a heart-breaker? Why is she finding it so easy to say yes to his every invitation when her brain is screaming no? 

After a disastrous sexual encounter with Elisha, Chapple realizes that he's proved the truth in all the tabloid rumors. Why would Elisha even talk to him? How can he make it up to her? Chapple feels a connection with Elisha he hasn’t felt with a woman in a long time. If she’ll give him another chance, he'll prove to her that he's the lover she's only dreamed of. But can he also trust her with his heart? 

My Thiughts
I must say that I have started to enjoy the Kindle worlds novellas and this is not an exeptions. The story is steaming hot with a lot of romance but is very well written with an good and interesting story line. This was for me a quick read, which was what I needed at the moment. The story quickly captured me and I read it in one go. I really enjoyed reading it and it left a smile on my lips afterwards.

I think the story is well balanced with well written characters. The characters felt real and it was easy to bond with them and feel with them. It was very natural to read about them and that is something I enjoyed. It was not to much over the top like some things can be. It had a very good level and I enjoyed that.

The phase in the story is quick but it was perfect for this story. The phase made the story easy to read and it drove the story onward and made it even more fun to read. some stories is supposed to be slower and this is one of the stories that benefits from a faster phase to lure the reader in and to make the reader want more and read more.

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