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Strife Of The Mighty: Book One Of The Chronicles Of Vrandalin (The Læl Chronicles, #1) - Julius Bailey

I am a true fantasy lover and read a lot of it and I got an advanced readers copy of this book and here is my review of the book.

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For over fifteen hundred years the kingdom of Vrandalin has withstood the might of the one enemy they had need to fear. Now a new threat arises. In the southeastern part of the land, a grim-looking newcomer arrives in the village of Varalel, bringing with him a warning of imminent ruin. Shortly afterward, Varalel is stormed, its folk scattered, and one man is separated from the woman he loves. 

Little else matters to Allon Bracken than reuniting with his wife. With nowhere else to turn, he must place his faith in a gruff, mysterious man he knows little of, and an unexpected comrade. But his road is a hard one, and will lead him into dangers and discoveries that will change everything. 

It is likely safe to assume that the silver-haired man did not expect events to take such a swift turn when he hasted to Varalel with his warning. But there is no time to curse ill fate. Extenuating circumstances compel him to share Allon’s road—unless it is the other way around—but he quickly finds himself with another goal: the capital must be warned. An army out of legend stamps through the land, goaded by an age-old enchantress with designs of destruction. Time is short. But he must look to himself as well, for a hunted man is rarely at rest, and the terrible creatures that pursue him do not sleep. 

And for a former traveling trinket seller deemed village ‘softhead’ by his peers, things are suddenly very horrible indeed. Or are they? It seems that chaos brings folk together. Joined to Allon’s path by an inner impulse, he discovers a companionship he did not expect to find. He will need it. 

Enter Vrandalin; a land where ancient powers stir, dark beasts prowl, forgotten lore returns, and those who are thought weak discover their strength.

My Thoughts
This book need a bigger hype than it has in fantasy circles because this is a very good book and a very strong fantasy book who has everything you can ever imagine. It is a typical epic fantasy book but it has so much more than that too and it makes it so awesome.

I got dragged into the story and I love how the writing is done with the book, the way it is written mixed with songs and poems in a very good style. The style reminds me a lot of Lord of the Rings but still it is so much more and different. I love this writing style and how it kidnapped me and turned off the world around me.

The characters is well developed and I felt with them, I loved with them, I went into war with them and so much more with them. It felt like I was part of them and not just an outside viewer, This is something I enjoyed and made the book strong.

I must say the book has a few faults and this take down the review one star but I also know that fantasy series is built up differently and this is a very strong first book and I hope and think the series will go on and be epic and when it happens this book may get better because all question I have may be answered, This book is good for people who love fantasy and also people who likes fantasy BUT dont want to have to much information that make the book "heavy".Some fantasy books and series is so much information that it makes people hate them, this is more a book with a story that is easy to follow and it is nothing bad with that, it can be good and as I said I really enjoyed the book and love it and I cant wait for the rest of the series.

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