Thursday, 17 March 2016

THE FOUNDERS (Book 1 of the Sage Seed Chronicles) by Holly Barbo (book review)

So This is my review for this awesome book. I got the book for an honest review and as I previously have stated, I always leave honest review. for information about the book and the author, please look at my previous post. this is more or less "only" the review.

this is a very good and interesting young adult fantasy book and the first in a series. I like how the story is build up and the intrigues in the book. It shows that it is a lot of planning to get the story so good as it is. I enjoyed reading it and felt drawn in pretty quickly.

For me, as an adult, this is a pretty quick read and even if it wasnt I would try to read it in one go because it is really good and it is very hard to put it down when you finally have started reading it.

I think the characters in the book is very well developed and felt real and I had no problem bonding and connect with them and the story. Sometimes characters in fantasy can be hard to get or grasp but that is not the case here. I really enjoyed the characters in the book.

This shows good potential for the other books in the series and I cant wait to read them. This is a great young adult book and I can recommend it. Some adult may find it easy and boring but I didnt so you can read it and love it even as an adult.

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  1. Thank you for posting this for your readers! I hope to see it on Amazon. I'm so glad you liked it. You will meet many characters in the series but Marisily will show up again in book 5: The Lost.