Sunday, 3 April 2016

Edge of the heat 3 - Lisa Ladew (book review)

I have previously written reviews of the two first books in the series “Edge of the Heat” and no I will write about the third book in the series.

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Emma and Craig have secured their love and put Emma's evil ex-husband behind bars, but the biggest threat still looms. Now Hawk is forced on the run and only Vivian can save him. Vivian finds herself deeply desiring Hawk every time she sees him, but he still holds her at arm's length, and worse, he sometimes seems to push her away. She knows taking him to her family's cabin in the woods is a bad idea. A horrible idea. But she also knows she'll do anything to keep him safe.

Caught together, will Vivian reveal her true feelings to Hawk?

Will Hawk reveal his true feelings to himself?

And when Norman escapes from prison, who will save Emma?

No cliffhanger.

My thoughts
I have been in love with this series ever since I read the first book in the series. The first book ends in a cliffhanger so I bought book two and loved that one as much. It took me a while to buy the rest of the books in the series but now have I don’t it and this third book is as good as the first once. I so love this book and I don't really know what to say.

We get to follow the story from the first book but this is different in so many levels. The story is full of suspension and love and doubts and trouble and care. I really enjoyed how things happens and how there is a red thread in the story. It is easy to follow as a reader. There is fast parts with a lot of things going on followed by love and slower parts so that the reader can catch their breath from the thrill and get to hold the breath for the love and romance and then off, to more thrill. The way this is happening is very natural and written in a very good way. It was really easy to follow and I never got bored of it.

I enjoy how we get to know the characters on a different level and that we get to follow the story from different angles and how this is possible without losing the reader. I enjoy following Emma, Craig, Emma-Craig, Vivian, Hawk, Vivian-Hawk and everything that is going on. It is an amazing job and I couldn't stop reading when I started.

This book made me laugh and cry. My heart did race both due to the story as a thrilling story and as a romance story. This is a romance story with a depth which I really enjoyed. I also like that this book doesn't end in a cliffhanger. It is nice to sometimes have an end, even if there is more books in the series, having endings is nice and needed. I can really recommend this story and this series because it is really awesome and I really love it.

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