Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Andre (Rocked by the Bear, #1) - V. Vaughn (book review)

I have been a bad blogger and neglected this blog for a while due to work, work and some more work. But I will try to upload some reviews for books I have been reading starting of with this bear shifter story.

When serious college student Nessa Harrison agrees to sing in her sister’s band she had no intention of getting involved with Andre, the impossibly tall, blond bass player that takes broody to a whole new level. But with the very first song they discover their voices are magic and Nessa falls hard when she find’s Andre’s touch is too. There’s only one problem - he’s not human. 

Andre Lindquist knew Nessa was his true mate the first night they met. Reintroduced to the human world after years in the wild his communication skills are rusty, fortunately, his music is not. When Nessa helps him write the song of their hearts, they must decide if their love is more than beautiful music. 

My Thoughts

This was a very short read and it was a pretty okay shifter book. I love shifter books and have read a lot of them and maybe that is why this book didnt pull me in as much as the other. It was pretty short and it felt like not a lot happened in the book. and then the end was very presictable.

I liked the book and the story but it wasnt WOW or special in any way! It wasnt memoriable and compared to other book like this, this one dont stand out.

I find the book readable and I will probably give the series a chance and read more of the book in the series.

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