Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Deck the Hearts: A Christmas Creek Romance, #1 - Ayala, Rachelle (book review)

This is a book I got as an arc. Really lovely story but reading a christmas story in May is maybe not what people want but I didnt mind and LOVE it.

Holly Jolly lives for Christmas. It’s the only time of the year, as far as she’s concerned.

Gordon Gills doesn’t need a reason to hate the holiday season. He doesn’t see the point.

Gordon returns to the mansion he inherited and finds Holly making a mess with her Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, his great-aunt’s will stipulates that he must make merry every Christmas if he wants to keep his inheritance.

Holly is determined to infect the grouchy Gordon with every dose of Christmas cheer she can muster up and show him what Christmas is really about, while Gordon doesn’t believe Holly can be truly that cheerful. He’ll make the entire ordeal anything but jolly for the redheaded elf, if only he wasn’t so attracted to her.

Will Gordon prevail and turn Holly into a Grinch, or will a sprinkling of Christmas magic show Gordon that there’s no fighting love, especially when it's wrapped up in a gorgeous red-headed package of jolly holly?

My Thoughts
Fa la la la la

This book is a truly amazing read. IT has everything you want from an awesome christmas novella. The characters is very well developed and I enjoyed Holly and Gordon a lot. They are funny, clever, troubles and just so real. Christmas Creek is an amazing wonderous place and so really. I really loved this book.

This book makes you feel, makes yo laugh, cry and love. 

Fa la la la la

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