Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Extensis Vitae (Extensis Vitae #1) - Gregory Mattix (book review)

So I thought of trying a new genre of book and got my hand on Extensis Vitae which surprised me but in a very good way.

Michael Reznik is a soldier who wakes up in a mysterious underground bunker, with a technologically advanced body he doesn't recognize. The people around him have cast aside fighting and warfare. They haven't needed them--until now.

Reznik is charged with tracking down a band of ruthless killers and finding a kidnapped doctor. He finds himself honor-bound to do what is right for the people who brought him back from the dead. A peaceful people are depending on him to do what is right. Can he live up to their expectations, even when he finds out that his new body has an expiration date?

Extensis Vitae is a gritty, post-apocalyptic science fiction 

My Thoughts

I didnt have any high hopes for this book when I started reading it because I dont read much of this kinds of genre but I was very surprised of how quick I got caught in the story. I felt drawn in into the story and did want to know what was going on and about Reznik and his past.

This book held lot of surprises for me and I have found a new genre of book I enjoy reading. This is the first book of a series and I will read the rest of them as soon as I can becaus they are really good and I like how the story drives itself forward.

I found the book bloody and horrible due to things that happens in the book so I must say this is not a book for weak people because there is blood and death, more than I am used to and describe in a way I am not used to.

I can really recommend this book because I really enjoyed it and how it pulled me in. Its a strong first book and I hope the rest is as good and intruguing. I am greatful for reading this book and fining a new genre of books I enjoy reading.

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