Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Box-set: Hotshot Alphas (book review)

So time to upload some of all the reviews I have to wright for books I have read during my vaccination.

Starting with Hotshot Alphas box-set

This is a perfect box-set with so many good books to just love and drool over. Some is more interesting than others but over all a very good box-set.

IN HIS CONTROL by Nina Bruhns: is a very great read who captured me straight away and I really enjoyed reading this story. It was very appealing and hard not to like.

HOT ON HER TRAIL by Sable Hunter: not my coup of tea, I couldn't really get into the story at first. I don't know why. The story is well written and interesting but it didn't capture me at all.

CLAIMING CARLOS by Rachelle Ayala: I have read this book before and really love it. It is very well written and Rachelle Ayala is one of my favourite authors and this is a brilliant book that is steamy and hot and really lovely.

LOVE & REDEMPTION by Chantel Rhondeau: By reading the description I didn't think I would like this story but I got into it straight away and really fell in love with it. a really down to earth, heartwarming, steamy read that is impossible not to love.

SHADOWS OF THE SOUL by Angelique Armae: This is a very amazing read that is different from most of the other books in this boxset which make it special and I must say that I will go back and reread it because it is really good.

THE DEAN'S LIST by Kelly Collins: - This is the second book in this box-set that didnt really capture me as well as the others and there is no real reason for it more than that it just didn't capture me and I I had trouble finishing it even if it do have a lot of things a good book needs to have.

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