Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Played by Love (Soccer Romance): A #Played Novella - Rachelle Ayala (book review)

Time for another book review :)

Soccer goalkeeper, Jaden Sloup, has his eye on Ella Kennedy, a woman who won’t date jocks or frat boys. He dons a pair of nerd glasses and hugs a laptop to convince her he’s a techno geek, and she agrees to go to Las Vegas with him for a cosplay convention where his team’s playoff game happens to be.

Jaden must juggle sizzling in the sheets with Ella against a soccer match and hanging with his frat brother teammates. When a bully harasses Ella and challenges Jaden to a fight, he proves that even a goalie can score.

My Thoughts
I found this book very funny to read and part of me can recognize myself in Ella and how she is and acts. She is a character I have loved in other of Rachelle Ayals books and I then thought I would read this book and give it a go and to get to know Ella a bit better. When I did I realised I really like her and her way of life.

Jaden is a very interesting character that I, in the beginning, didnt know if he was a “good guy” or a “bad guy” but when reading I did fall for me and I did fall hard. I having a crush on this amazing guy. Is it possible not to like Jaden?

The story is absolutly amazing and really well written and well developed. It is strong and drives itself forward in a great way. I has some theme that may not be for everyone and that is something I do understand and respect but I absolutly love it and like that Rachelle try new things and new themes in her wrighting. It makes the books fresh and intereting and I dont get bored of reading her works.

If you want a different kind of love story, then I would suggest to give Played by Love a chance. Even if it is different, it is still awesome in so many ways. A truly great read.

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