Monday, 14 November 2016

An Improper Situation - Sydney Jane Baily (book review)

I am really far behind when it comes to uploading my book reviews to this page. Shame on me, but life has been hectic but I have to get it done so it dont get to be to much and well, I will be gone between 18 of December until January 3 so :P

First we start with a historical romance book

With her chestnut hair and striking green eyes, Charlotte should be the catch of Spring City, Colorado. But she wears her independence like an impenetrable suit of armor and cloaks her identity behind her famed writing nom de plume of Charles Sanborn. She's a 24-year-old confirmed spinster who won't risk heartbreak, until a handsome stranger awakens her yearning both for companionship and for indulgent pleasure.

Boston lawyer Reed Malloy has a solemn mission--to deliver two orphaned children to their Colorado cousin. He's not prepared for Charlotte being utterly innocent and yet irresistibly beguiling, or for her brewing resentment and flat-out refusal to raise her kin. It will take some firsthand persuasion if he is to complete his legal duty and, perhaps, resolve more tantalizing issues.

When Charlotte forsakes everything familiar--and two thousand miles of America's heartland no longer separate her from Reed--unforeseen influences conspire to keep them apart. The high society of the Boston Brahmins welcomes her . . . while concealed malice abounds. With the intrusion of sinister forces and scorned women--and with passions ablaze--Reed and Charlotte find themselves in a very Improper Situation.

My Thoughts
I don't know I couldn't really get into this book no matter how much I tried. The heroin is quite funny and I liked her as a character in the beginning but then she gets more dull. Her hero wasn't really hero for me and I couldn't really grasp him and feel for him. and the kids, well I didn't really like that the kids was there even if it helped Charlotte to open up. The children where a distraction and I can't imagine children acting like they did, not today and not in a historical fiction. The more Charlotte got involved with the children and the more she got romantically involved, the more dull she became. In the beginning she refused to live a life that was expected of a woman and I like the rebel Charlotte and that she wanted to break the bonds, and then she just switched and went into the mould.

It took me forever to read this book and I normally like historical romance book. I don't know why I didn't get into this one, I just didn't and got bored very quickly. The writing is overall good but the language was questionable from time to time. It never got that historical feeling into it, more than how they dressed, talked and the surroundings. The language was to modern and they spoke to modern.

So this is a 2/5 star book for me.

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