Monday, 14 November 2016

Bad Boys for Hire: Nick (Bad Boys for Hire #3) (book review)

So time to post another book review. I have to update all my reviews to goodreads and amazon too and of course work so everything takes some time :P

This Christmas, paraplegic Carol Cassidy is caught between the naughty and the nice: a hired Santa and a disabled firefighter.

Carol was an avid mountain climber until an accident left her in a wheelchair. Love is the last thing on her mind when she hires Nick to play Santa. Shocked at the sensations he elicits, she resists him and decides to date a good guy.

Nick is drawn to Carol like a magnet to iron, and he sets out to prove that bad boys who hire themselves out can be good boys, too—especially in bed.

Carol discovers she’s not dead to passion, but when Nick’s dirty laundry is aired, she regrets choosing the naughty over the nice. Will the spirit of Christmas teach her that sometimes, a huge lump of coal can turn into the brightest diamond of love?

My thoughts
I liked this book but it was not as appealing as I had hoped for and I think it is because there was so much going on and that I couldnt keep up with all the twists and turns and had to go back and reread some chapters.

Overall it is a good book, and it is a very long book with a great story. it is not a book with a small problem during christmas and then in a heartbeat things will fix itself. this is something I liked and the lenght of the book is needed to tell the story.

very well written book over all.

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