Sunday, 20 November 2016

Going Haywire (A Sapphire Falls Kindle World Novella) - Rachelle Ayala (book review)

I have forgotten to upload my book reviews here. Life is so hectic at the moment. Christmas, and going home to Sweden for Christmas as stuff. and of course work and work and work.

Giving up sugar right before Halloween. Brilliant.

Going on vacation with an ex. Not so bright.

Honey and her ex-husband, Max, travel to Sapphire Falls to give their two young children the perfect Halloween treat. Max wants Honey back, and he’s counting on the magic of Sapphire Falls to seduce her into a second chance.

Honey is leery of Max and his tricks, but when he woos her with a Halloween romance complete with bonfires, hayrides, parties, and paintball, Honey warms to the idea of a new beginning.

Unfortunately, there's something off about Max that Honey can't put her finger on. When their vacation goes haywire, Honey must decide whether the treat of true love is worth all the terrible tricks life can play.

My Thoughts
I really enjoyed this book and I really enjoyed hating the main character in this story. She was just pure annoyance and acted like a spoiled brat and nothing was her fault, and she is a mother of two. I was new to Sapphire Falls and that made it a little bit harder to understand parts of what was going on, characters around and so on, but I still enjoyed reading the book.

The story is very well written and that is something I like.

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