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Mutation Z: Closing the Borders (Mutation Z #2) by Marilyn Peake (book review)

Read the second book/part of the series I have started about Zombies. Mutation Z: Closing the boarders!



First book in the series.
Second book in the series.

Eviscerated bodies are found along both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. Military security is stepped up on both sides of the border. However, journalists are given free rein to explore the devastation. As more and more bodies are found, people begin to panic. Meanwhile in The Liberia Treatment and Research Camp of West Africa, Emma Johnson and Chibueze Koroma continue to receive experimental doses of Mutation Z. They also begin to remember the horrific things they’ve done. As journalist Hunter Morgan’s investigation leads him to that same Camp, his own little girl falls sick with fever. NOVELLA.

My Thoughts
This is the second book in the Zombie series Mutation Z. I don't see it as books but more as stand alone Novellas, or like episodes of a TV show. At first, I thought I would mind that but I don't.

So the second book, in a lot of ways it is better than the first book. we get to see two sides of the story, Emmas, as we follow in book one, and Hunter Morgan who is a journalist, who gets a hunch about something not being quite right with the Ebola vaccine.  The story is now very different and in a lot of way really great. We get to see it from another set of eye and to see how a journalist tackling to find answers.

the first half is really awesome and very interesting. It goes deep into the story and we get to see the Zombie Emma side and then Hunter trying to dig up information about what has happen by the US-Mexican border.

What I don't like is that the second half is way too fast.From Hunter finding out about Zombies, going as a volunteer  to the same facility in Africa as Emma and to bringing them back to US was way way way to quick. I with there were more story and a deeper story in the end of it but I still enjoyed the book a lot.

Also I was thinking about the title. "Closing the borders". There is a lot of borders but non of them are really closed when this book is finished. I thought , at least, the US-Mexican border would be closed but no. So I am a little confused over the title. It made sense in the begging but not in the end. I must say that the last part, specially the last few "chapters" are rushed. There is no time for anything more than that quickly summarise  the story to the point where we are back in USA. There is so much that could have been done but isnt. and I have so many questions... Bought the third part and hope it will be as great as the first two and maybe even better.

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