Thursday, 5 January 2017

Mutation Z: Drones Overhead (Mutation Z, #4) - Marilyn Peake (book review)

So time for the first book review of 2017. This is in an ongoing series I started late last year and just have to finish.

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Fourth book in the series.

Journalist Hunter Morgan comes face-to-face with terrible truths, both personal and political. Visiting a local hospital, he discovers firsthand that zombies aren’t being treated there. Instead, they’re being sent to a more sinister fate in a program organized by the government. Fearing he’ll be identified by the helicopters and drones flying constantly over the house where he’s staying, he sets about to permanently alter his appearance. Although a ray of sunshine exists in his life, he becomes filled with despair over the current state of the world. There are even rumors that the United States and Mexico will go to war. NOVELLA. GENRES: Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Zombie Fiction, Conspiracy Fiction, Horror.

My Thoughts
I loved the third book in the series and couldnt wait to start with this book but it had to wait until after Christmas and New Year vacation. I did read this book on the way home from Sweden to Czech Republic. I was reading in the car and I thought I would finish it quickly because it is a short read but it took me longer than I thought to finish it. The reason is that I had trouble getting into it.

Parts of this book is very slow and not a lot of things is happening. We are now, mostly, following Morgan Hunt and his story to uncover the truth about the Zombie virus. His story here in this book is very boring even if there is a lot of feelings going on. I couldnt really connect with hi and his story and I miss the action from the first books and I miss Emma, that we followed in the first book.

The story is very different in this one than in the other once before it and I think that is talking against it. This book is more mature, in some ways, more struggling and more talking and planning. In a normal book this is an important part but in this novella it felt so wrong. It it was a full length book I dont think I would have minded it as much as I did in this one.

Parts of this book is really well written and very interesting and I specially like the last part of the book where some things is starting to happening again. I really hope the last two books will be better than this one because I got them for Christmas so I will read them. Overall this is a good series so far but the first book or novella is the best.

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