Monday, 23 January 2017

some new books

So due to public demand, from a few of my readers, I will now start showing when I get new books and other book related things! Well why not.

So last week I got a bok I won, from an author in Canada with some swag and a very cute fridge magnet :) The book "From the Dust" by Ryshia Kennie is a book I have thought about buying for a while now so I was very lucky who won it at a goodreads giveaway! :) 

Second book is part of a bigger order. See, I got quite a lot of money for christmas so I bought some books but of course Amazon sent them as 3 different package, one day between each other. I dont know why but okay! But first is in a book in the World of Warcraft series. This one is about Arthas.

Cant wait to read them and of course the reviews will be uploaded on the blog and on Good reads and amazon when they are done :)

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