Sunday, 15 January 2017

Spy Game: Romantic Suspense - Suz deMello (book review)

So after my birthday it is time to upload an review. I finished this book before my b-day but didnt feel like uploading is until now because I had to many things going on!

Fledgling agent Ani Sharif has finally been assigned to her first undercover mission—to seduce software tycoon Richard Rexford, known as the fearsome T-Rex of Silicon Valley. He's suspected of selling software secrets to the Chinese. Ani must succeed at her first assignment, but will handsome, clever Richard uncover her secrets and seize her heart?

My thoughts
A really great story with very well developed characters. The complexity of the characters made the story come to life and they where so realistic and you couldn't help but to feel with them and I felt like I was more than just a reader, I was there, involved with them and in the story.

The way the book is written is perfect and the phase is perfect. The story captured me right away and I didn't want to put the book down but sometimes you have to work, sleep and eat too. I have had a hard time lately to find books that really capture me the way this book did. It is a book you easy can read in one sitting, not because it is an easy read but because the story and characters are just so great and capturing. You want to know what is gonna happen on the next page, in the next chapter and in the end.

I think this is a must read!

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