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Trafficked: The Diary of a Sex Slave - Sibel Hodge (book review)

So this is a book that has 98 pages and it is FICTIONAL. So I will at first not discuss the subject of the story but about the book itself. I am sorry for a very long review to come.

1. This is a complete rip-off
I moved away from home in 2006 and I was obsessed with reading biographies and true-story books. There were one book, unfortunately I have forgotten the title and author, but it was a true story about a girl who trusted her friend to get her a job and instead she got sold as a sex slave. Recognise that? yeah that is the main plot in this so called book. Some event is changed a bit and some small parts is added to it and places are changed. Otherwise this is a very short resume of that book and that pissed me off. I do not like when authors takes a great book and in this case a very sad story and make it their own to make money! Sure 20% of the royalties is donated to two organisations who help sex slaves but it is still not right.

2. Language and grammar mistakes
When the book is as short as 98 pages you can think it would be easy to proofread it and make sure there is no grammar mistakes and no spelling mistakes. Obviously this book didnt do that. There is very awkward grammar used. For it to be fictional it is bad and for it to be “a diary” it is still bad.

There is numerous times the the author mixes “she” and “he” so it is really confusing and hard to understand who they mean or are thinking about. Also there is plenty of places where words are missing and cut out. When you see it as a rip off from another book, it is strange how copy and paste dont always work…

feeling and subject

3. Feeling in the book
So now we are into the subject and feeling part of the book and we start with the feeling. This book didnt make me feel anything more than annoyance toward the main character that I THINK is called Elena. I think her name is used ONCE in the end of the book. She is stupid and naive and discusses me. She say a few times she always see her daughter and thinks about her, even when she is being rapped and used. This is disgusting and if you read true story books, the girls say they do think about their families BUT when they are being used, they zoom out. They do not think about their children. It is wrong and horrible.

Beside me not liking this stupid character the book dont get me to feel anything. Normally realistic books and true feeling books try to get the reader to understand the horror by describing events and feelings but it is none of this in this book. It is mostly an inner monologue about how much she misses her daughter.

4. Subject
The subject of the book is horrible and I do not approve of it and I do want it to be written about, talked about and stopped. If a novel or a fictional book will help with that, then they should be written but I also feel the true feeling comes from reading biographies and true story books. This book do not give anything to the debate and to put the subject into the light, specially when you have read the true story… it is good that some profit is given to organisations that helps victims but I would rather give all the money straight to an organisation over buying this book.

So I think you already have figured out that I do not like this book and I wish I never bought it. The reviews off it where good but no, not a book worth buying. there are so many other great books bot fictional and true story books about this subjects that feels more real and make the subject real and something to discuss.

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