Thursday, 2 February 2017

My Highlander Husband - Nancy Pennick (book review)

I love historical romance books and “My Highlander Husband” by Nancy Pennick was really great. I got this one as an ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy.) Thank you for that! :)

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Volatile times engulfed 1715 Scotland. Threats of a Jacobite uprising hung in the air. Lady Juliet Kingston traveled to Glenhaven with her entourage to meet and marry Laird MacLaren’s son with the hopes their union might help calm the rumblings of war—an Englishwoman weds a Scottish Highlander. Juliet longs for home and the man she left behind, until she meets Ross MacLaren. Both are stubborn and strong, but find love. Now a threat comes from a different front, one Juliet cannot fight. She gives up her husband and home to protect those she has come to love and returns to England with John, her former beau. Will she ever find her way back?

My Thoughts
The story is very well written and it captures the reader straight away. The good think about this book is that it feels so real and that made it fun to read. The length of the book was perfect, some historical romance books are either too short for the story or too long and have a lot of emptiness. Here we have a story who fills out the entire book without being too much or too little. You can feel that the Author has spent a lot of time to make this story perfect in every possible way.

I absolutely love the characters and how we get to know them. They are funny, smart, sexy and helps to bring the story forward and make it deeper and more worth reading. What I do like is that the story is so different from a lot of similar books and that Lady Juliet is a strong female character who dares to do her own things and risk things for what she loved and believe in.

If you love historical romance novels, then this one is a must read.

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