Wednesday, 8 February 2017

World of Warcraft: Arthas - Rise of the Lich King - Christie Golden (book review)

So Im really into World of Warcraft if you didnt know that and ehm I know I havent posted picture of all the books I got in lately, but will do that tomorrow. Today it a book review for a World of Warctaft book “Arthas: Rise of the Lich King”

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Frostmourne. It was caught in a hovering, jagged chunk of ice, the runes that ran the length of its blade glowing a cool blue. Below it was a dais of some sort, standing on a large gently raised mound that was covered in a dusting of snow. A soft light, coming from somewhere high above where the cavern was open to daylight, shone down on the runeblade. The icy prison hid some details of the sword's shape and form, exaggerated others. It was revealed and concealed at the same time, and all the more tempting, like a new lover imperfectly glimpsed through a gauzy curtain. Arthas knew the blade -- it was the selfsame sword he had seen in his dream when he first arrived. The sword that had not killed Invincible, but that had brought him back healed and healthy. He'd thought it a good omen then, but now he knew it was a true sign. This was what he had come to find. This sword would change everything. Arthas stared raptly at it, his hands almost physically aching to grasp it, his fingers to wrap themselves around the hilt, his arms to feel the weapon swinging smoothly in the blow that would end Mal'Ganis, end the torment he had visited upon the people of Lordaeron, end this lust for revenge. Drawn, he stepped forward.

My Thoughts

I love my WoW loar so of course I will love this book. This book is more or less a written novel of the game Warcraft 3. If you have played the game you recognise it but that didn't really bother me. the book is very well written and I like how we get to follow Arthas from a very young age and see how he changed and became the Lich king.

The only thing I do not understand is that, Jaina is "telling" the story to a friend most parts of the book. This is not possible because the story is from different persons view and she was not their. She can't know what Arthas and Sylvanas and Kael Thas and everyone else were doing and feeling. This is a big flaw according to me and this is the part that take one star away.

Otherwise a very interesting book that I enjoyed reading. Now I just want Arthas to drop Invincible to me in ICC... but why would he do it now when he hasn't done it for the past years... :P

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