Thursday, 29 June 2017

How to Be a Woman - Caitlin Moran (book review)

So time for another book review of a book i read before easter. I read this book when I was at the hospital, waiting for a surgery to remove my gallbladder.

About the book
Though they have the vote and the Pill and haven't been burned as witches since 1727, life isn't exactly a stroll down the catwalk for modern women. They are beset by uncertainties and questions: Why are they supposed to get Brazilians? Why do bras hurt? Why the incessant talk about babies? And do men secretly hate them? Caitlin Moran interweaves provocative observations on women's lives with laugh-out-loud funny scenes from her own, from adolescence to her development as a writer, wife, and mother.

My Thoughts
a book I really enjoyed reading. It is part a memoar which focus on how it is to grow up and how to be a woman. I found it funny, and I got thoughts going on. I like the point of view and how Caitlin Moran see feminism and how how we should see it instead of how it is today. It was a perfect read for me at the hospital and I did read it in one sitting. I laughed and the other in the room looked at me as crazy.

One thing I do like about the book is how Caitlin shows herself, and not always in the best light, and her road to be a woman, and that she still has no Idea how it is to be a woman or what it mean but that it is something we all have to work one. The book is real and hopeful.

Really enjoy reading it and I want to read Caitin Morans other books.

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