Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Escape From Behruz by Judy Meadows (book review)

Reviewing a book I got as an ARC. it is Escape from Behruz by Judy Meadows

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Rashid will help Olivia and the baby she’s been caring for escape the violence in Behruz, but he must guard his heart. He can’t risk being hurt by her again.

Olivia has her own reasons for keeping her distance from Rashid. If he learns that the baby is actually hers—and his—she will lose everything that matters to her.

Their escape involves traveling with nomads across the mountains into Iran. As they trek together by day and sleep beside each other in a nomad tent at night, the attraction that has always drawn them to each other grows ever stronger, Can Olivia survive the trip without revealing her secrets and without losing her heart to Rashid once again?

My thoughts
Escape from Behruz is a very well written Romance novel who has everything you can wish for. The story itself drags the reader in. The story is very well written and the story-line has a clear red thread so it is easy to follow. The characters are very well developed and you start to like them quickly and it don't take long until you start feel for them and with them. I like that the setting is different than for the most books I read. I like the foreign feeling, and how it is very relevante to see it from different perspective. The different perspective and the setting is very important for today's society and culture.

I enjoyed reading this book, it contained everything I want a good romance novel to have. The language is also great and you can feel that the author has worked with the story, the character and the language. The flow is great and it never feels forced like it can feel in some romance novel.

I like that there is a story to the book and not just romance. I have unfortunately found to many romance novels and books that the only thing about them is the romance and sex but that is not the case in this one and that is something I really enjoy. A well written book that deserves a read

Enjoy the reading

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