Saturday, 1 July 2017

Mutation Z: Desperate Measures (Book 6) - by Marilyn Peake (book review)

Before Christmas I started a series called Mutation Z, about the Zombie virus. It is 6 shorter novellas and the first one I read quickly but the longer I get into it, the more bored I got. The last part, part 6. I ended in April and there is the review of it.

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Sixth and final book in the series. 

As things heat up in the United States with both the U.S. military and radical militias targeting those trying to develop a vaccine and cure for the Zombie Plague, more researchers flee to Mark Chen’s bunker in China. There, they will be free to carry on their research. Bringing patients afflicted with the Zombie Virus to China on a cargo ship, they’re attacked by pirates. It becomes very clear that they’re in a race against time to try and save the human race. 

GENRES: Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Zombie Fiction, Conspiracy Fiction, Horror. 

My Thoughts
So the end of series of short novellas is always the hardest to write and that is something you really can tell in this series. I loved the series and the first books are awesome but the longer into the series you get, the more boring it gets and you can really tell that the author has run out of ideas!

Instead of having any kind of story, this part just sums up an ending. there is nothing there to get, more than a brief summary of what happened in the end. No feelings, nothing in it. just a matter of fact. This destroyed it for me and that is why I can give it any good rating. I dont like giving bad reviews but when a book, or novella is bad, there isnt anything I can do.

Part of me, wish that the author had stopped after the first part, or maybe after the second. This is 6 short novellas, that is easy to read but gets less and less interested and gripping the longer we get. Trust me, the first part is just pure awesomeness and then reading this, from the same authors is sad. I tried to see it as ONE long book, with 6 long chapters and that made it a little bit easier and maybe that is how you are supposed to see it, and maybe if it was released like that it would get better review. But as it is no, this is part, took me forever to read and I was bored. I even skimmed parts in the middle because I was so bored of not having any story or feeling into it. This, the last part, is a huge flopp and even if you like and enjoy the other parts, this part is not worth buying or reading.

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