Saturday, 9 December 2017

Frozen Heart (Calidora Time-Travel series - The Prequel) (Book review)

Got this book  for an honest review

Quiet and listless, the glass heart sat hidden under layers of unremarkable clutter, its secret safe. The human hands had touched it often through the strata of debris, but until now, had never uncovered it fully.

At last, the yellow duster cut through the grime, and the heart began to shift. It would most likely have frozen over again, up on its high shelf, if the cat’s careless pouncing hadn’t made if fall into a box full of tinsel.

This is how the history of time and place began to change — with the story of the frozen heart

My thoughts

A very cute short story that i enjoyed reading. It is a good prequel with a lot to offer. It was a fast easy read. The setting is nice and the characters are easy to feel with and to follow. even if I enjoyed reading this story, it didnt really leave me with anything. It is not very rememberable and it didnt really made me jump up and down wanting more. It was a good read when you just want something quick and easy and for that I can recommend it. It is a nice story but it is one out of a million stories that feels the same.

I like the setting and how the author uses the language to describe things that is going on. The setting was, or maybe is the best with this story.

Over all a readable book that you read in one go. Easy to pick up, easy to put down when finished and move on to other books.

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