Thursday, 11 January 2018

Liam (Bad Boys for Hire #4) - Rachelle Ayala (book review)

This review is a book I read as a beta reader. The review may change when the final version of the book is out and i have read it.

Marisa Monroe is the unluckiest woman in America. She’s headed to Ireland to change her luck by starring in a reality show. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, Marisa hires a bad boy to meet her at the airport in Ireland.

Liam Donovan is an unemployed actor who drives a taxi between auditions. He sees Marisa’s reality show as a way for him to get discovered.

Marisa’s plan backfires when she gets hit by a tornado of bad luck. Just when she decides to abandon Liam, she discovers he might not be the jinx after all.

My thoughts
This is a very interesting story that I read both the long version and the short version of. If you are gonna read this one, read the long one! I beta-read this book so this review is for that and it may change when the final version is out

So the story is very fun and interesting and I like the set-up. Cant really say I enjoyed the main female character Marisa but I love Liam. I just wish he would go for a different girl. The story is complex with a lot going on and that is something I like. It has romance and it has problems and intrigue. Everything I love with a good romance book. 

What I do not like about the book is that it dont feel finished and of course Marisa. Well we skip Marisa for now and go for the story. The story flows well beside that I feel like, even in the long version, story is missing. Also in the end there is an epilogue and I do not like it, I wish it was in the story because i was so surprised and thought WTF is it doing here. The book would be awesome more story was written into it. the Romance between Liam and Marisa is strange. I do not understand what he sees in her and why he settle for her. I do not think they are a perfect fit at all. And that is a bit a shame. I was hoping Liam would go for someone else so I was disappointed about that. 

There is paranormal/mythical aspects in the book that I dont mind. It is set in Ireland after all, but if you dont like this kind of stuff, the book is not for you. It will just annoy you and destroy it for you. 

Even with all this I enjoyed the book I just wish it was more of it and less chopped up. It is worth a read!

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