Monday, 29 January 2018

Ribbons & Os by R.E. Hargrave (book review) (novella)

This is a review of a novella, or short story. It is super sexy and has that wonderful BDSM to it that makes it not subtile for people under 18. And this is the real thing, not some made up crazy wrong shit like the "50 shades" crap.

Carina Anderson has had a craptastic year. From losing her parents in separate freak accidents to finding her boyfriend and BFF engaged in kinky sex games, her general enthusiasm for life has evaporated. It’s not a surprise that by the time Christmas rolls around, she’s ready to lock her doors and hermit the season away—until a chance encounter forces her outlook to change. With her newfound attitude, Carina takes a wild leap and lands herself in a world she never dreamed of. A world she’ll soon find she can’t get enough of.
Dr. Elijah Davies has been counting down the days until he can return to England—and the creature comforts of his playroom. Now used to the hustle and bustle of London, he’s only come back to Hooksett as a favor to his eccentric uncle. But when an adorable and oh-so-sexy elf crosses his path, Elijah decides his visit to the small New Hampshire town might not end up being so boring after all.
Never underestimate the magic of the season… or the power of attraction.
omg what a lovely short novella this is. I love it as much as Brooklyn Blue's and I do hope this one day will be in print because it is a novella I can read over and over again.
I love how we get straight into the story and how we get to know the female character Carina, a character you easy fall for. I loved her and how real she felt during the story. She felt like a normal person and by doing something nice she get an amazing things.
I am quite a new fan of  R.E. Hargrave and OMG I love, the now two short novellas, and I cant get enough. With this one, it really feels like  R.E. Hargrave has gone into my most dirty thoughts and put them into writing. I hope she will work more with this story and make it longer and make more novellas like this because it is just brilliant and entertaining. Need more like this and I do need it as a print version.

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  1. Aw, you've totally made my day, darlin'! Thank you for the beautiful words!